Modern Manners for Today’s Teens: Find New Friends

If your friends are often excluding you or making you feel bad, they are the wrong friends. If this happens consistently, it’s time to find new friends. At first, you might feel alone, but there are people out there who will like you for you. These friends might not be as “cool” as your first choice, but that’s okay. Spend time with those who treat you well and want you around. Be the friend you want to have. 

Modern Manners for Today's Teens: Find New Friends

Finding New Friends Takes Courage

Finding new friends is tough but something almost every teen goes through at one time or another, girls and boys. Stop trying to fit in where people don’t appreciate you. I know, finding new friends is not easy, but the effort is always worth it.

Try looking for those who are new or also might be a little lonely and introduce yourself. You will have to put yourself out there and plan, invite, and be disappointed. This takes some serious courage but in the end you’ll have friends who accept you for you. There are so many people who would love to have your personality, talent and light in their life. Expanding your group and being a friendly person gives you lots of options if one group ends up not working out. 

Your new friends might be different from you or have less social clout, but none of that matters if they are good people who enjoy and include you. Your friends should have a positive impact in your life.

Remember: always be the friend you want to have.

How-to Teach Younger Kids to Find New Friends

Ask: do your friends treat you well? Are you being the kind of friend you would want to have? Is there someone new you would like to get to know?

How-to Teach Teens to Find New Friends

A challenge for the teens in your life: Evaluate your group of friends. Do they treat you well? If not, does something need to change? Invite one new person to eat lunch with you or hang out with you this weekend.

Success Story

After discussing this manner with the family, a mom looked over to see tears coming from the corner of her son’s eyes. She asked if he wanted to talk and he said he did. He told his mom that after hearing that manner, he realized that his friends were not good friends and he needed to find new ones. The book opened a conversation that was really important to have. This boy decided to be both brave and alone for a bit as he searched for those who might be a kinder and better fit for him. After a few long months, he found that group and has had a wonderful experience finally understanding what real friendship means. He said, “I’m so glad we read that manner together. It would have been so sad if I had to spend all of high school with the wrong people.”

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