Modern Manners for Today’s Teens: Keep Your Phone Silent

We can’t talk manners for teens without talking about cell phone etiquette! Whether we need our phone to connect with a friend, use maps, play music, catch a game, or watch a show, cell phones seem to go everywhere. Tweens, teens, and adults are more connected than ever. We’ve all been surprised when a phone rings mid-performance at the high school choir concert or been stuck in front of a younger sibling playing video games at a baseball game. Sometimes it’s hard to resist the urge to do what is easiest for us, but let’s be honest, no one wants to hear what you are watching, listening to, or talking about in a public place. 

cell phone etiquette

The First Rule of Cell Phone Etiquette

If you are in a public place, your phone should be on silent. The same rule goes for FaceTime, music, YouTube, memes, games, Netflix, Hulu and anything else that creates sound. In public? Sound off. 

How to Keep Your Phone Silent 

So, you want to use proper cell phone etiquette AND you want to watch the latest episode of your favorite show? You have some choices. You can use headphones. Watch on silent with subtitles. Find a private spot. Or if none of those options work, the answer may be to wait until later. 

A Cell Phone Etiquette Challenge for Younger Readers

Next time you are using a screen in public, make sure the sound is off or you are using headphones. Help your younger siblings be okay with doing the same!

A Cell Phone Etiquette Challenge for Teens

Next time you are in a public place and see this happening, notice how it changes the experience for everyone. Imagine what would happen if everyone was watching “their thing” at full volume.

Success Story

A mom forgot all about this manner, but her kids didn’t! When she pulled her phone out to watch a video, one of her little kids said, “Mom! Your phone is supposed to be on silent!” She was humbled but chose to wait for a better time.

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