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Brooke Romney is a writer, speaker, educator and connector. She has been published in The Washington Post, The Deseret News, Scary Mommy and a host of other online publications where her pieces have been read millions of times. She writes avidly on her blog and Instagram page where she has created a large, vibrant community of learning and growth.


She is currently on the Time Out for Women speaking circuit and touches large audiences with her message of worth, empowerment and connection. She regularly uses her education and expertise to help individuals, online accounts, and businesses tell their stories through a compelling and inviting narrative that positions them for success. Her first book will be published this fall.


Content Writing

Concise, impactful messaging is key when it comes to connecting with your customer base. Brooke is masterful at understanding purpose and audience and helps individuals and businesses communicate in an effective, impressive, and relatable way. She creates high quality content for websites, marketing campaigns, and social media platforms and prides herself on exceeding expectations and delivering extraordinary value.


Well written words have the power to move people to understanding and action, and Brooke knows exactly how to craft a message that will do just that. She is adept at using her talents to showcase the speaker and his or her ideas in an exceptional way that leaves audiences not only impressed, but changed.

College Essays

Brooke is incredible at helping students realize their strengths and weave them into a unique story that highlights their best qualities and highest potential. She asks insightful questions and provides detailed feedback that allows students to discover themselves through the writing process. The student does the work with the guidance and encouragement of a professional, and the outcome is individual and unmatched.

personal Writing

From resumes to cover letters and professional bios, Brooke can create relevancy and showcase strengths in a way that commands attention. Her words are concise yet engaging and she understands which details make the most impact. She works quickly and efficiently to create an excellent finished product. She has experience with op-eds, family histories, editing and ghostwriting and loves helping others turn their best thoughts into influential stories.

Business services

Brand Story Consulting and Writing

Today, more than ever, a compelling story is essential to a successful brand. Brooke finds purpose in the ordinary and articulates it in a way that rallies owners, employees and customers behind a common narrative. Her ideas and insight both focus and expand what already exists and positions both people and businesses for future growth.


Brooke has the unique ability to connect with an audience in a warm and inviting yet powerful way. Her thoughts are clear, innovative and motivational and she pairs them with an intelligent and relatable delivery for maximum impact. She empowers her audience with the courage to think bigger and be braver than they were before while allowing them to celebrate how far they have come. She believes in the power of connection and abundance in both business and personal life and can speak on a variety of topics in a beautiful and bold way.


Brooke has grown an exceptionally loyal audience and takes her role as an “influencer” seriously. She loves to collaborate with companies, individuals and brands that she believes will enrich the lives of the people who trust her. She is highly selective when it comes to this process. If you are interested in collaborating, please request a media kit.

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