Modern Manners for Today’s Teens: Treat Your Friends’ Younger Siblings with Kindness

As you begin to cultivate great friendships you might be invited over to someone else’s house. When you are in someone else’s home, you are a guest! If you want to be welcomed back, you should treat your friends’ family with kindness. Nothing is more endearing to parents than when a teen is kind to younger siblings. 

Treat your friends' younger siblings with kindness

Do’s and Don’ts

Do: include younger siblings whenever possible.

Do: use age appropriate language.

Don’t: listen to music or watch shows that are too scary or mature.

A good rule of thumb: If you think what you are doing, saying, listening to, or watching walks the line, wait until the littles are gone. 

Teach Your Family How To Treat Their Friends’ Younger Siblings

For Younger Kids: Ask them which older kids make them feel great about themselves. Remind them about how awesome it feels and encourage them to do the same for someone younger than they are.

For teens: Decide on a younger sibling of one of their friends who might need a pick me up. Be extra cool to that kid, notice them and make them feel awesome.

Success Story

This manner can be hard for certain kids but one boy was especially grateful it had been taught in his home. One day he came home from school with tears in his eyes and said that his friend’s younger brother had died in an accident. He said to his mom, “I am so grateful you taught us to treat younger siblings with kindness. I was always good to him.” 

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How is this going in your home? Is there a teen who makes your younger kids feel especially loved?