Modern Manners for Today’s Teens: Use Restaurant Manners

These simple tips for eating out will help your teen be confident and comfortable at any restaurant. You don’t want your kid to be the only person at a table who needs to ask their mom how they like their steak. Being kind and respectful to those who serve us is a sign of good character. 

Tips for eating out and other restaurant manners

I was a server all through college and I can’t tell you what a difference it makes to have gracious customers all night. In the age of cell phones, many of these manners have disappeared, so it’s important we teach our kids how to bring them back and be an example to those they are with!

10 Tips for Eating Out

10 Tips for Eating Out

  1. Greet your server with eye contact and a smile.
  2. Say your order clearly.
  3. If menu items are unfamiliar, politely ask questions to clarify. 
  4. Order promptly or ask for extra time, but don’t leave the server standing there waiting.
  5. Know in advance, how you like your meat and eggs cooked. 
  6. When your food is served, or your water is refilled, say “thank you”.
  7. Don’t be so loud or disruptive that you ruin another diner’s experience.
  8. Put your phone on silent and away. 
  9. Tidy up the table at the end of your meal.
  10. Don’t forget to leave a tip.

A Challenge for the Whole Family

Start early. It’s so empowering for these kids to be able to know what they want and speak up for themselves! Take a look at a meat and egg chart together and help them figure out how they like their meat and eggs cooked.

If financially doable, take your family to a restaurant and let them practice. If not, turn your kitchen into a restaurant for a night and practice there.

Success Story

After a family studied this manner, they decided to go out and test their new knowledge. The kids had so much fun ordering for themselves and had endless compliments from their server. What a win for the whole family!

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How are your kids doing with this one? Does everyone know how they like their meat and eggs cooked? What tips for eating out would you add?