Modern Manners for Today’s Teens: Make and Manage Your Own Appointments

Scheduling your own appointments and owning them is a crucial step in taking charge of your life. In this post I’ll teach you how to make a doctor’s appointment, how to make a hair appointment, and how to teach this important life skill to the kids in your life. Make sure to check out my other hygiene tips for teens too. 

How to make a doctors appointment

How To Make a Doctor’s Appointment

Have your calendar ready when you call. Arrive a few minutes early. If you can’t make it, cancel 24 hours in advance. Use the notes app on your phone to prepare any questions you might have and to record any medications you may be taking.  When you get to the appointment, share your concerns honestly and clearly. Advocate for yourself. Give the provider your full attention. Put your phone away and on silent, unless you are using it to take notes. Say thank you as you leave. Get a second opinion if you aren’t satisfied or don’t feel taken seriously.

How To Make a Hair Appointment 

Similarly, when you call to make your hair appointment, have your calendar ready. Arrive a few minutes early. If you can’t make it, cancel 24 hours in advance. When you get to the appointment, know what haircut to request. Be comfortable voicing what you would like when it comes to your hair. Bring a photo, communicate clearly, and introduce yourself to the hair stylist. Engage in polite conversation. Remember to say thank you as you leave. If you like the person who helped you, write a name down so you can request them in the future.

Teach Your Family to Make and Manage Their Own Appointments

For Younger Kids

Talk about how they like their hair cut. Role play as if you were the stylist and see if they can tell you how to cut their hair. If this one isn’t relevant, role play a trip to the doctor’s office instead.

Teen Challenge

Teach them how to make a doctor’s appointment. Have them call and make their next appointment. Stay close so you can provide any extra info they need the first time. Create a note or section in their phone that has the important information they will need to do it fully on their own next time.

A Success Story

A 17 year old boy had always relied on his mom to make every appointment for him, but after reading this manner, he decided to take more control over his life. He made an appointment for his own haircut, communicated how he liked it done, paid for and thanked the hairdresser. His mom was proud of this baby step and noticed how confident he was after making it happen on his own. She was so grateful the book gave that gentle nudge he needed as he prepares for adulthood. 

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