Modern Manners for Today’s Teens: Don’t Leave Just One Person Out

You can’t always invite everyone to everything, but there is almost always room for one more. If you have a group of 10 friends, having 5 over is fine, but never invite 9 and leave out one person.

Inviting all except one is cruel. Be someone who includes and makes room. If you have a problem with someone, talk to them; don’t just ghost them. Put yourself in that person’s shoes because chances are, you will be left out someday. 

Remember: There Is Almost Always Room for One More. 

Don’t use your power to make others miserable. Surely you don’t want to be remembered as the person who made people feel small, unwanted, or hopeless. Think outside yourself and beyond the moment.

Don’t create new group messages that exclude just one friend or plan something and tell only one person they aren’t invited. Be mindful of who, what, when, and why you are sharing things on social media. If the intention is to make somebody feel left out, think again. 

If one person texts you asking what you are doing that night, INVITE THEM. There is almost always room for one more. And if you can’t invite them, let them honestly know why. It feels unkind but is better than just leaving them hanging. 

Challenge Your Whole Family to Be Inclusive

For Younger Kids

Role play a situation where this might happen to them. Come up with some good ways to be inclusive and kind.

For Teens

Ask them if there is someone who has been a little on the outside of the group lately. Challenge them to make sure that person is invited or to put information on the full group text.

A Note for Parents

This is such a sad, hard thing that happens way too often! Teaching your kids to be aware is key. Make it clear that leaving one person out isn’t something that is okay with you! Remember, MOST of the kids who do this aren’t trying to be horrible. They are just unaware and so happy they are the one being included they forget and don’t think outside themselves. Be careful not to make them the villain as most teens (including yours) will get caught up in what is best for them every once in a while.

Success Story

After introducing this manner in their home, their daughter was working on her birthday invitations. It was so easy for her to invite an extra girl in the class even though they weren’t especially close. Learning this manner and others like how to introduce yourself and when to find new friends helps everyone!

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