Meet GRATEFUL PIG, our favorite November family tradition. Grateful Pig can be any old piggy bank, but around Thanksgiving he collects blessings instead of coins. We place him in a prominent spot in our house with some scraps of paper and a pen. As family members walk by, they think of a blessing, quickly scribble it down, and stuff it into grateful pig.
We especially love starting what often becomes a “gimmie” time of year with a way to remember all that we already have. There is always a sweet spirit of gratitude in our home during the month. As we open the pig on Thanksgiving Day and read all that we have been blessed with, our focus is right where I love it to be. The kids love emptying the pig and hearing what every one is most grateful for…especially when they are called out by name. You can choose to keep them anonymous or sign them (either way, the kids always give theirs away :).
This tradition was a really wonderful gift a few years ago from my mom. Here is a cute poem you can attach if you plan on gifting it to your own family or friends to help introduce the tradition:
Meet your family member for November
His name is grateful pig.
All month long slip in notes of thanks
For things little or things big.
Think of people who help you
Be who you want to be,
And those who teach you every day
Or keep your country free.
Think of things you love to eat
And songs you love to sing,
Be specific, really think
And be surprised with each new thing.
Think of good friends, fun places
And homes that keep you warm
Think of Jesus Christ our Savior
To free you he was born.
Then stuff that little piggy
With every happy bit.
This month will be different,
And not because of what you get.
One a day or even more,
Filling him up is not a sin.
Then on Thanksgiving dump him out
 And read how blessed you’ve been.