Each year, I love to encourage my kids to write something meaningful to their teachers, something that will help them understand the impact they have made after a year of service.

The easiest way to do this for my elementary age kids is to give them prompts and then allow them to honestly fill in the blank. It has been so fun to see their answers and their teachers have loved them so much. Add a gift card to the note, and it is the perfect end of the year present!

You can just copy my questions, make up your own, or use the printable below. To access a watermark free copy, click this link:  ThankYouNoteforTeachersFinal 

With my older kids who have a lot of teachers, we have done a variety of things…

  1. Purchased a specialty cookie or specialty chocolate bar for each with a short note of thanks.
  2. Chosen two especially impactful teachers and had them write good notes to each that they delivered with a gift card.
  3. Purchased a gift card for a favorite teacher and had them write thank you notes or emails to each teacher.
  4. I have also written an email to great teachers and copied the principal on it, sharing specific mentionable moments from the year.

Hope this adds meaning to your gift and lets your teachers know how much they mean to you!! Would love any other ideas you would like to share!