The Best LDS Missionary Packing List

Oh Boy! Getting kids ready for an LDS mission is a BIG DEAL and expensive. I had no idea everything they would need! I’m glad we already had some things from the LDS missionary packing list on hand but we still had to purchase plenty.

To help you out as you prepare your kiddo, I thought I would share what we actually purchased and from where. For reference, my son is serving in Iowa which is both cold and hot. We didn’t have to worry about too many specialized items since he is in the US, so those aren’t included. He will also have access to stores so there is less of a worry for us than some missionaries.

If you have a girl serving, we have a sister missionary packing list just for you!

Just as a heads up, you are for sure going to want to use my And Collar Discount for the items you like from them. You can get 15% off your entire order with code BRK15.  It will save you a ton of money!

I’m also leaving off the spiritual items since most of those are available at the Distribution Center and are personal for you, but for sure don’t forget them!

I also thought this LDS missionary packing list might be helpful to share now just in case you want to spread out the cost, sample some options, get useful gifts, or grab a suit for prom that would also work on the mission. Doing it all at once is a lot! Spreading new purchases out before the missionary leaves can be a huge help.

The Best LDS Missionary Packing List

Stores We Really Appreciated

To start off, these stores were extremely helpful and knowledgable. I know not everyone has access to these stores but many will work with you over the phone too. We also ordered a lot online and I will provide you with those links too!

Four and Twenty Sailor: The best suits and pants (Salt Lake and Online. Code BROOKE for 10% off)

2 By 2: Many missionary supplies and great practical help (Kaysville, UT)

Travel Outfitters: Luggage and other supplies (North Salt Lake, UT)

LDS Missionary Packing List: Clothing


Four and Twenty Sailor

We bought both his suits from Four and Twenty Sailor. The quality is excellent and the tailoring and service is unmatched. They have a variety of suits that work for missionaries at many different price points. They can work with you in person or even over the phone with measurements. My favorite option for sure. Use code BROOKE for a 10% discount. Think about doubling up and buying a prom or homecoming suit they can use later for a mission. Four and Twenty Sailor is amazing at alterations and can make sure it still fits before he goes.


We decided to try out a variety of pants and see which ones Parker likes most. Because his mission has all kinds of weather, we wanted to make sure he had options for all seasons. I can update you on the winners as he wears and uses them all, but I encourage you to try things out as everyone prefers something different.

Lightweight Tailored Pants

 We got this option from Four and Twenty Sailor and absolutely love them. They are super light, easy to move in, and stylish but the higher quality is evident. They can be tailored for the perfect length. They are expensive but they are his lightest and favorite pants for the summer (use code BROOKE for 10% off)

LuLuLemon Pant

These pants are excellent and super high quality. They are easy to wear and take care of and also have zipper pockets. They are a little heavier than the first option but still nice and light and look great. Another bonus is the LuLuLemon customer service is fantastic. Before you buy, you can have the pant tailored to the correct length for free, then if there is a defect in the pant later on (seam coming apart, zipper broken, etc.) they are happy to make it right.

Nike Dri-FIT Victory Pant

These have been a favorite for my missionary and boys!

Higher Weight Stretch Pants

These pants are still comfortable and breathable, but they are a little heavier weight so your legs don’t freeze in a cooler climate. They fit all body types so well, even thicker legs and hips, and wear so well. We’ve already had them for over a year and they still look excellent and have been the favorite pants of two of my boys. (use code BROOKE for 10% off)

Less Expensive Pant Option

This is the best knock off LuLuLemon pant. At $50, they are less than half the price of the LuLus and still look and feel great. So nice to have a good quality pant at a lower price.

Amazon Golf Pant Option

This is another less expensive version that people seem to be really happy with. I’m not sure about the longevity, but might be worth a try to save some money.


And Collar Shirts

From everyone I’ve asked, these are the shirts for missionaries. They stretch, are comfortable, need minimal ironing, and are stain resistant. They work for all climates and come in short and long sleeves and blue if that is allowed in your mission. If you don’t wash them right, they can get a little dull and with excessive sweat you will see underarm stains, but there is nothing better or easier on the market. Make sure to teach your missionary how to wash white laundry before going too! My son has LOVED his. The only shirt he wants to wear. The slim fit is for skinnier kids and the athletic fit gives a little more room. Use my code BRK15 for 15% off your entire order.


DryMax Crew Socks

These are the socks we decided to mostly go with for the mission since they keep feet dry and blisters away. They are a bit pricey, but we are hoping they are worth it and last. We’ve heard great things about them. So far, so good.

Casual Socks

These socks have been awesome for working out and casual days.

Nike Socks

Many missionaries are choosing athletic socks for busy days.

No Show Socks

These are the best for not sliding around.

LDS Missionary Packing List: Shoes and Shoe Care

This was maybe our trickiest thing to find because you don’t want to mess around with shoes if you are going to be on your feet and walking all day every day. We found three great options!

Florsheim Comfort Shoes

These are sturdy shoes that are comfortable but with awesome support. They feel good and are easy to wear and will keep your feet warm. Run true to size.

Cole Haan Oxford

These are light and comfortable and a stylish option. For sure a favorite for lots of walking and staying cool.

Cole Haan Laser Wing

These are super light and breathable. Missionaries love them. They are a little tricky to fit since they run narrow and big, so you will want to go down a size and might need a wide. Probably my son’s favorite option for hotter days.

Ecco Slip-On

These came highly recommended by a missionary who served in the Philippines. He said they were the only shoes that held up. Also they are great if you have to remove your shoes frequently.

Dr. Martens Unisex-Adult Chelsea Boot

Dr. Marten Boot

These are the boots my son wore in the winter. They kept his feet warm and dry but looked nice enough to wear with his dress clothes. He waterproofed them before he wore them. They run big. He ended up going down a full size.

Brooks Levitate Running Shoe

Brooks is our favorite running shoe brand by far. We’re hopeful these will last the whole mission.

Shower Slides

We love these, but they are a little bulky. so if you need to save space packing we also love these slides.



Shoe Trees

These make such a difference in keeping your shoes looking nice, and the cedar helps dry out shoes in wet and humid climates. A great addition to your packing list!

Disinfection dryer

This shoe dryer and UV light dis-infector is so helpful for shoes that stink after a full day of walking.


Shoe Deodorizer

This shoe dryer and UV light dis-infector is so helpful for shoes that stink after a full day of walking.

Shoe Protector Spray

These shoe deodorizers work for up to six months. A perfect addition to the shoes that walk and walk and walk.

LDS Missionary Packing List: Accessories


And Collar Ties

These ties are stain resistant which is excellent for a missionary! (Use code BRK for 15% off)

Washable Ties

We have loved these washable ties for a long time. Lots of great colors and patterns to choose from. (Use code BROOKE for 20% off)

Boon Ties

We have also loved these ties. So many fun designs. Get them for 20% off.


The Mission Belt

From all I’ve heard, this is the belt every missionary needs. It was really easy for us to adjust to my son’s size the first time he wore it and now he can easily slide it for just the right fit for years to come. We got one in black and one in brown.

LDS Missionary Packing List: Linens

Hand/Sweat Towels

Made of high quality microfiber, lightweight and compact. They say it dries 3 times faster than traditional towels and I believe it.

Bath Towels

These microfiber towels are designed to dry quickly and are super convenient.

Twin Bed Sheets

If you’re looking for very soft sheets you have found them! These are breathable, cool and super silky soft.

LDS Missionary Packing List: Travel Items

Travel Shoe Bag

This keep your shoes away from your clothes when you are packing up for transfers.

Cross Body Bag

With what feels like a million zipper pockets, handles and straps everywhere, and security features, this is just the perfect mission bag. 

Packing Cubes

If you’re feeling dizzy after seeing everything that’s included on the LDS mission packing list, these are a must for you! Helps keep everything organized and saves time and space on the days when everything needs to get packed back up.

Passport Holder

The last thing you want to do is loose your passport. This handy carrier will keep it accessible and safe.

Spill Proof Water Bottle

This is THE BEST water bottle. It really is spill proof and the option to pour or sip is the best!

Luggage Scale 

Avoid overweight fees with this handy luggage scale. Hook to your suitcase for instant weight and save time before you wait in line.

LDS Missionary Packing List: Toiletries

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Two-sided compartments can be opened without having to open the whole bag. Perfect for storing toothbrushes, razors, electric trimmers or other small shower items.

Anti Chafing Stick

Avoid unnecessary pain from all the walking and biking your missionary will do. This glide stick is a life-saver.

Shower Caddy

This shower tote bag is compact, lightweight, stylish, can take the caddy anywhere easy.


This thermometer works fast and is super easy to use.

First Aid Kit

A comprehensive emergency kit: includes adhesive fabric and plastic bandages, antibiotic ointments, BZK antiseptic towelettes, burn cream packets, aspirin, ibuprofen, gauze roll and pads, wound closures, cold pack, and other multi-use first aid items.

LDS Missionary Packing List: Extras

Bluetooth Speaker

Up to 30-hour playtime. The portable bluetooth speaker boasts an unbeatable 30 hours of continuous play.

Alarm Clock

The best alarm clock ever! The numbers are big and the time, alarm, volume, and brightness are all easily adjusted.

Sewing Kit

The kit contains all the necessary tools that are required for performing basic repairs – be it a needle, thread, scissors, buttons, thimble, threader tools, seam ripper and all sewing tools, everything neatly packaged and ready for use.

Shoe Polishing Kit

Enclosed in a sturdy leather case, this classic shoe shine kit is lightweight, compact and portable. Perfect for missions.


Help your missionary be on time with this watch. It has a 10-year battery life, is 100m Water Resistant, and has all the features you could ever hope for. 

Mesh Laundry Bags

This heavy duty Honeycomb mesh laundry bag is specially designed to wash delicate clothes without wear and tear in washing machines and dryers. Perfect for ties or any clothing they’d like to keep together in the wash.

Large Mesh Laundry Bag

This laundry bag is durable and tear-resistant while still being breathable.


You will need detergent for the MTC and these are a great option.

Oxi Clean Pods

You will want these to keep those whites, white!


Tide To Go Stain Remover

This will buy your missionary time between wash cycles


Resistance Bands 

These are multifunction and portable. Good for toning your arms, shoulders, chest, glutes, legs etc. Also comes with a convenient travel pouch! Perfect for a missionary’s on-the-go lifestyle!


Mini Lint Rollers

These are so handy to remove that unwanted lint.


You need these to keep those clothes clean!


Portable and small. A must from the LDS mission packing list!


A great way to get that heart rate up! Small and easy to pack.

Gatorade G ZERO Glacier Freeze Sports Drink Mix

A great alternative to just drinking water.

Hacky Sacks

A fun way to stay busy when there is a few minutes of down time.

Rubik’s Cube

A fun game that is easy great for travel. A nice way to keep you hands a mind busy.


A premium headlamp for your missionary. Choose from 7 different lighting modes, ranging from white strobe to red beam for safety.

LDS Missionary Packing List: Study Materials

Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

Portable folding keyboard with free phone holder allows missionaries to write letters anywhere, anytime! Standard-size design provides accurate, fast typing, just like the desktop keyboard they’re already used to.


These top just about every boys’  want list. They are a little pricey but will be well loved and well used. You can find the AirPods Pro HERE. If you don’t have quite that much to spend, we have loved the $50, less sleek option HERE.


Just what you need for notes and letters.

4 Color Pens

Your missionary will be ready to update their planner right when they get to their new location with this 4-in-1 pen.

Bible Highlighters

These no bleed highlighters are great for journaling and memorizing verses.

Lined Journal

These journals are designed in a variety of beautiful and fun colors available in a selection of page styles, including Lined (for note taking), Blank (for sketching), and Dotted (for bullet journaling).

Simply Sacred: Piano Solos

This book of musical numbers is simple enough for an intermediate pianist and the beautiful arrangements make the hymns feel really special.

Winter Items

Winter Coat

This coat has come highly recommended for wet, cold climates like South America. Waterproof and a layering system make it a win!

Mens Long Winter Hooded Coat

This longer parka is perfect for cold weather work. A great hood and and plenty of insulation. It’s nice looking and a pretty affordable option.

Down Puffer Jacket

This insulated down puffer jacket is pricey but something that will be worn on every cool day or layered when weather gets especially cold. This is a very close look alike with great reviews that is MUCH less expensive.

Dr. Martens Boot

These boots are sturdy and made for all kinds of weather. Work great for winter days. If you are trudging through snow, these aren’t quite warm enough, but for the cold, ice, and occasional snow they work great.

Waterproof Insulated Glove

These toasty warm gloves are a must for anyone in a colder climate. Great for walking, biking or service. You missionary will love these gloves.

Leather Gloves

These driving gloves are perfect for those with a car or who need some gloves that are a bit nicer and can work through the finger to a touch screen.

Crew Neck Sweater

These layering sweaters are great for both dressing up an outfit and keeping your missionary warm. They come in all kinds of colors and fit great.

Foreign Necessities

Solar Charger

This is great on hand if you have a lot of power outages or don’t have great access to electricity.

Universal Power Adapter

This may be necessary for some missions out of the USA. Having extra USB plugs is a nice bonus.


Get More Ideas for Your Missionary

I hope this helps! I would have loved a condensed, linked list while we were preparing. I know some moms like to send the first Christmas gifts out with their missionary to avoid international shipping fees. If that is you, here are the best gifts for missionaries!

And if any of you experienced missionary moms have ideas or feedback on other items needed, cold weather items, or items especially important for international missionaries, send them my way and I can update this list!

As I said above, don’t miss the sister missionary packing list too!