Modern Manners for Today’s Teens: The Way you Smell Matters

Your hygiene is your responsibility. Being willing and able to take good care of your own body shows a lot of maturity. Being clean allows you to show up in the world confidently and allows others to be close to you without being offended or turned off. Simple habits started early, are extremely valuable when it comes to hygiene for teens. If you have questions or need supplies, feel free to ask!

Hygiene for teens

Hygiene for Teens: My Top 7 Tips

Brush your teeth every morning and night.

Floss and use mouthwash.

Have gum or mints on hand.

Deodorant is a must, every day. 

Daily showers and washing with soap are non-negotiable. You might even need to shower more than once. 

Wash your hair regularly. Hair and scalps have odor too.

Perfume, cologne, and body spray are okay (in small amounts), but they don’t mask stink. 

Teaching Hygiene for Kids

Have a little chat about how often and when you should shower and brush their teeth. Give them a challenge to do it on their own this week, without reminders. Help kids with braces learn to brush their teeth and tongue, floss, and use mouthwash correctly. Consider getting a waterpik to help keep things extra clean during this time. 

Teaching Hygiene for Teens

Go shopping together for a new scent of deodorant, soap or body wash. It’s a fun, quick outing and kids always love being part of the decision process.

A Success Story: Teaching Hygiene for Teens at School

After teaching this manner to her class, one middle school teacher got inexpensive deodorant to keep in the bottom drawer of her desk. She invited students to come in after school and grab a stick to take home. After just one week, she noticed improved confidence in all of her students as they learned to create simple, healthy habits and take better care of themselves. 

Buy the Book

This manner has changed thousands of homes for the better! When parents try teaching personal hygiene, teens often feel attacked and have hurt feelings. Many kids just don’t believe it’s important. Parents needed a way to reinforce their message without it being cruel or unkind. When teens started seeing this manner in the book 52 Modern Manners for Today’s Teens, they realized they weren’t alone and were able to take the advice gently and begin putting my top tips to use. Having great hygiene can give kids confidence to practice their other manners too like making space for one more friend and not sharing hurtful things

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What has worked in your family to encourage good hygiene for teens?