For most of our married life, we have done our best to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a couple, but as the kids get older and life gets busier, we often have too much regular life happening on Valentine’s Day and have to wait to celebrate until the weekend. Last year we did a great family Valentine’s Day celebration, so I thought I would share!

We did a simple heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s, strawberries, and raspberry sherbet with sprite mixed in for a fun drink with some festive straws. We stacked candy hearts to see who could make the tallest tower, tried to write a love note using conversation hearts only, did a minute to win it Valentine M&M game, passed hearts around the table and wrote what we loved most about each person on them, and did a little quiz about mom and dad’s love story!

It was one of our best nights of the year, with lots of love all around. The kids thought it was awesome to take a quiz about mom and dad and see who knew the most (competition always around here). We loved sharing all the details of our courtship and early marriage years and giving them the details that went along with each question. I think it is so important for kids to know that their parents love each other and love them, so what better night than Valentine’s to focus on all that love?? If you find yourself at home this year, give it a try!