A Quick and Easy Family Valentine’s Day Celebration

For most of our married life, we have done our best to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a couple, but as the kids get older and life gets busier, we often have too much regular life happening on Valentine’s Day and have to wait to celebrate until the weekend.┬áLast year, we gave a family Valentine’s Day celebration a try. The result was better than I ever could have expected!

Our Family Valentine’s Day Plan


We did a simple heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s. Make sure to pick it up early! We had strawberries on the side and for a fun drink we mixed sprite with raspberry sherbet. Some festive straws really made the drink fun for my younger kids.


It’s no secret my family loves a little competition. We also love playing board games, and outdoor games, and games on long car rides. For our family Valentine’s Day celebration we played two games.

First, we stacked conversation hearts to see who could make the tallest tower.

Then, we got the Valentine M&Ms and tried to move as many as possible from one plate to another in 60 seconds. These fun, quick, competitive games were perfect after a long day and got the laughter going fast!

Love Pass

This was such a sweet part of the night. We cut our big paper hearts and put a name in the center of each one. Then each person in the family wrote what they love most about that person and passed the heart to the person next to them and so on and so until everyone’s heart was full!

Family Valentine’s Day Quiz

This was such a fun way to help our kids get to know us before we were just mom and dad! It was a blast to talk about those first days and make sure our kids understood where our love started. I think it is so important for kids to know that their parents love each other and love them, so what better night than Valentine’s to focus on all that love? We got a prize for the one who got the most answers right which helped keep everyone interested! You could throw out a few early photos of you dating and your wedding pictures for an extra visual!

Free Printable: Family Valentine’s Day Quiz

We loved sharing all the details of our courtship and early marriage years. It was so easy to give them the details that went along with each question. If you find yourself at home this year, give it a try! There are two versions of the Family Valentine’s Day Quiz. Try the first one this year and use the second version next year to add to their knowledge.

More Quick and Easy Family Valentine’s Day Ideas

Our family Valentine’s Day celebration was one of the best nights of the year, with lots of love all around. We also like filling out this free Valentine printable and leaving it on each child’s pillow. I love having simple and inexpensive traditions for every holiday.

What are your favorite quick and easy family Valentine’s Day ideas? Do you and your partner like to celebrate as a couple or with the kids? Do you celebrate on the 14th or save it for the weekend?

Family Valentine's Day QuizFamily Valentine's Day Quiz 2