Family Games We Love

Family Games We Love

I love games. Mike thinks they are okay, and my kids range from thinking they are mediocre to amazing. But, it is so much more fun to play family games than watch movies, so I have had to be very particular about the games we play. One thing I have noticed with my boys is that they like playing games that keep moving…if we have to wait too long for anyone to decide on strategy, they are wrestling when it is not their turn or throwing a ball to each other and I get frustrated very quickly when that starts to happen.
So, these are the games that have passed the Romney boy test. They all move quickly enough to keep us engaged, and kids and adults find them enjoyable. Many are classics, but there are a few awesome new ones out too. I would love to hear the family games you love and can’t wait to add them to our rotation!
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We just discovered a super old-school game called Mastermind. Think Wordle with two players and colors instead of letters. The whole family has enjoyed it and worked to master it! A fun one for sure! ($20)

Wackee Six 

This is a new game to our family. Similar to the card game Nertz, Wackee Six makes everything a bit more simple so the younger ones can play too. It is best for 3-6 players (You can play in teams and have up to 12 playing. Teams are a good option if younger ones want to play, but not for adults). The game is simple, super quick, competitive and lots of fun for kids and adults. ($25)

Gnoming Around

We LOVE this game! It is easy to play and easy to understand and is even fun with 2 players. It can be quick or you can play multiple rounds to make it longer. A little strategy but a lot of luck, so kids of all ages and adults can play together. This is a good one! ($17)

Hive- A Game Crawling With Possibilities

Another fun game that can work with two people. ($40)


Need something fun to add to a dorm space? This ring toss game can add hours of entertainment. Order HERE ($36)

Rubik’s Race Game

Perfect for the girl who likes to play but engage her mind at the same time! ($28)

Cover Your A$$ETS Card Game

Everyone’s favorite card game. Moves quickly and requires both luck and strategy. ($10)

The Meme Game

This game is all the rage for families right now for good reason. It is hilarious, current and can be so funny. You will want to get your hands on this one right away! ($20)

Sleeping Queens Card Game

Another favorite for card lovers! Great for ages 5+ and can be played with two to five players. Kids have so much fun with this one. ($12)


This game is hilarious. Think hot potato but it shocks you when the music runs out. Our family has played it a bunch and the shock is legit and there is a serious thrill during the game. Perfect for teenage boys! ($27)

Kids Against Maturity Card Game

This is a hilarious card game for an older family. You can’t be too uptight to play this one, but it is family friendly! Feel free to remove any cards that don’t work for you! ($20)


This game is like Sudoku but with colors instead of numbers. So easy for kids of all ages to understand and have fun with. Another quiet brain exercise that is perfect for the long winter months ($45).

The Genius Square

With near infinite possibilities for play this two player problem solving game is a hit. ($30)

Bugs in the Kitchen

Bugs in the kitchen is a fun family game for kids and adults. Roll the die! Create a path! Trap the bug! Kids love it! ($24)

Ribbon Ninja

This is a super cool active game all about reflexes. You can make the playing field small or big depending on your space and how much you want to move, but it is fun for all ages! ($38)

Portable Curling

It might sound crazy, but this is an awesome family game that works for all ages and abilities. It can be taken out and put away easily and provides hours of fun! Who knew curling was so fun? ($10)

Settlers of Catan

This one is for those that have a little more patience and enjoy strategy. Super fun with the right group of players!

Camel Up (Second Edition)

In Camel Up, up to eight players bet on five racing camels, trying to suss out which ones will place first and second in a quick race around a pyramid. Players will laugh out loud over the results that are rolled. This will quickly become a family favorite! ($32)

Secret Hitler

A fast-paced game of deception and betrayal. Beautiful wooden components and solid game boards with foil inlay. It has hidden roles and secret envelopes for five to ten players. A great group game that teens love. So fun! ($40)

This is a dice game that even the 3 year olds can participate in. You just roll the dice until you get all of a certain number. It is fast moving and everyone is engaged at the same time. A great option for a family game night. One Tenzi tube is for 4 players but Tenzi is fun for 2 players on up. I think the more the merrier with this one. ($27)


If you have a family that likes math or a bit of a spacial challenge, this game is so much fun. It can get a little intense on the strategy side, so if you want things to keep moving, you may want to time each turn. It teaches such great concepts while you are having fun together. The only downside is that you really need to play it with 4 players, no more, no less. ($18)


This is the greatest game for the little ones in your family! It is BINGOesque but so much more fun. Our 3 year old loves it, but our 11 year old is happy to play too. I also love this game because 2 people can have fun playing or more are welcome, perfect for when I am home with my toddler. ($20)


Kanoodle is awesome brain and spacial relations puzzle game that is perfect for car rides, waiting rooms, or quiet play at home $10.

Sushi Go!

This is a fun game for 2-5 players. One of the best family games out there. ($12)

Spot It

 This is an AWESOME, quick game that is great for the whole family. The little ones are sometimes even better than the older ones. You can play with only two or you can involve the whole family. It is easy to understand and easy to love and fits nicely in a stocking. (If you have very little ones, make sure you grab the jr. version). ($10)

Mancala Board Game

Mancala board game is one of the oldest strategy games and still be played worldwide today. This classic marble board game is good for formation of strategic thinking. ($16)


Our whole family LOVED this game last year. There is a little strategy, but not so much that it ruins the fun for younger players. It also teaches great sequencing skills. ($18)
There is something about this classic game that keeps us all happy to wait for our turn. It is simple, but requires a little thought and lots of good counting practice. To keep people engaged from the beginning, let everyone start with one player on the board. ($8)
If you have kids 6 and under, this is an awesome counting game. We played it for hours when my older ones were little. It’s about time to get it out again! ($16)


This is a great reverse scrabble game that is perfect for a family activity! ($14)

The Great Dalmuti Card Game

This is such a fun group game. A light card game where players gain status by going out first. Seat positions change and the cards are re-dealt. ($14)

This game came out when I was a kid; I loved it then and my kids love it now. It is so nice to have a game that is fun to play with only 2 players. ($15)


Another game that only needs 2 players and is perfect for a little older audience. ($17)

Magnetic Dart Board

This dart board won’t hurt your walls with sharp pointed darts. It is so fun for a college room! ($25)

Codenames Duet

It is nice to interrupt Netflix with a little game every once in awhile! This is a great game that can work with two people. ($20)

Exploding Kittens

A Kitty-Powered Russian Roulette Card Game – The hit party game for family and friends who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats. ($20)


This is the card game that really can’t be beat. It is a family classic. Best for 3 or more players. ($11)


This word finding game is great once kids start to read…challenging and fun all at the same time. Can be played with 2 or more players. ($13)


We love getting the dice out for a quick game of Yahtzee. My 3 older ones really understand the concept now, so it’s pretty fun. Love that this one can be played with only 2 players. ($9)

The Game of Life

All 3 of my boys always want to play Life. I enjoy how it helps them understand the concept of money/sacrifice/luck/education in their pretend world. We have found it goes the best if I am just the banker…keeps things moving. ($11)


This is a one person game where you race against the clock. It is great fun for little ones! ($22)


Probably our overall favorite family game. This is timed charades and we have been playing it since the kids were little and love to bring it out when we have company. It brings out the goofy and competitive side in everyone! ($17)

Apples to Apples Jr.

This can be a super funny game when it is played right. Best with at least 6 players and the most fun when someone keeps the game moving. ($17)

Catch Phrase

This is a great one for a large group! ($24)


Making up the definitions to crazy words is a lot of fun, and this game keeps everyone thinking the whole time. A great way to mix things up. ($24)


This one has been around forever, but it is still a ton of fun and one of the best family games out there. Works best with at least 6 people and is great for a crowd. ($23)


A fun and interactive board game for the whole family. ($20)

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