advice for new college students

My Advice for New College Students

To all the kids who are embarking on a new path…a little advice for new college students from my heart to yours. I am sending lots of love during these big transition times. Or maybe you’re an adult who needs a few of these reminders. I know I do. No matter where you are on your path, you’ve got this!

A Letter to New College Students

To every kid starting college,

You probably don’t feel ready.

There are a million things you wish you would have learned, advice you regret not taking, money you could have saved, tasks you should have mastered.

But can I let you in on the first secret of adulthood?

None of us truly feel ready for big, new things, no matter how old we get.

Those who progress are simply willing to take the step anyway.

So I hope you are ready to jump in, just as you are.

And if you get stuck, remember that

Pretty much everything is “figureouttable.”

Between a phone call to mom, a discussion with a professor, a YouTube tutorial, or a conversation with God,

There is no problem you can’t solve.

And if you are paralyzed with worry about being on the “right path” or always making the “right decision” for your future,

You need to know something important:

You can always change your mind.

If what you are doing isn’t working, there are thousands of alternate endings you can explore.

Don’t be afraid to pivot your plans or expand your options.

There is plenty of time for do overs.

Fill the next 4 years with opportunities to learn and grow in every way.

Meet new people, try new food, research new opinions, take up a new hobby.


In your classes, your University, your community, your church.

Have fun. Yes, college is a big deal, but don’t take it all so seriously you forget to enjoy it.

You have so much to offer, being willing to share it will change you in the best possible ways.

Be present with people.

Get to know them. Learn from them. Love them.

Do not be a quiet bystander in your life.

It is time for you to take the reins.

You are now writing your own story.

Make it one you can’t wait to be a part of.

Love to you all.

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Starting college can be an exciting and challenging time! What would be your advice for new college students?

advice for new college studentsadvice for new college students