12 Days of Christmas for Neighbors: Fun and Useful Christmas Service

Every few years our family loves to do the 12 days of Christmas for neighbors. There is nothing like secretly bringing the Christmas spirit to someone who might need a little cheer. My kids love sneaking to the porch, dropping a gift and running away.

One year we wanted to have fun options that wouldn’t break the bank but would also be useful to a family in need, so we created something we could afford and they would still love. I wanted to share just in case you want to try it out too.

You really can start it any day in December, all the way up until the 12th! Just make sure you have time to do all 12 days before Christmas. I like to gather and prep all our supplies early in the season. That way we have time to invite the kids to help cut, wrap, and tie everything together without the pressure of getting out the door in a rush that night.

Different Ideas for the 12 Days of Christmas for Neighbors

12 days of Christmas for neighbors. A list of fun and useful ideas that won't break the bank.

Above are a few choices for each day. What would the family you’re serving benefit from most? What ideas would you add to the list?

Printable Gift Tags

A little bit of magic can go a long way, consider printing these tags to add to your gifts. Just click on the photos below to download and save.

Other Ways to Make the Holiday Season Special

I hope you will love doing the 12 days of Christmas for neighbors just like we do! If you’re looking for more way to connect with your teens this year check out my Christmas Playlist for Teens and how to make luminaries with kids.