This is the list I used for years when my kids were younger! There are 105 options above, but even more on the list below…with links to resources and help!

I call it the, “I’m Bored” list. If they are ever feeling bored or like the only option is TV or an XBOX, they can take a look at this list and get an idea for something better.

I have also cut these ideas into strips and put them in a jar so they can draw one if they ever say, “I’m bored!” That saying becomes a bit risky when you have the jar because you might pull out something fun or something not so fun. They will often quickly figure out something to do on their own. I have linked some of the items to articles that explain them a bit more or to products that we have loved that help us get through the summer with a balance of learning, creativity, and fun!

Add your ideas in the comments…I love to hear how other families make the most out of summertime!

  1. Read (booklist for all grades HERE, booklist for 4th-12th HERE)
  2.  Read a book to a sibling
  3. Write a story, see prompts HERE
  4. Learn to draw an animal or monster, THIS book is awesome for all ages
  5. Create something cool from the stuff in the recycle bin with a glue gun
  6. Write a letter to a grandparent
  7. Write a letter to a missionary
  8. Write a letter to your favorite teacher
  9. Paint with watercolors, a great set linked HERE
  10. Paint with finger paint, a great set linked HERE
  11. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  12. Create a treasure hunt for the little kids
  13. Baby-sit a sibling $
  14. Wash the car inside and out $
  15. Bake cookies
  16. Plan the menu for the week
  17. Fill up the baby pool and play in the water
  18. Run through the sprinklers
  19. Put a sprinkler under the tramp and jump on it
  20. Weed $
  21. Play kickball or wiffleball
  22. Work on your favorite sport (love THIS solo soccer trainer and THESE goals)
  23. Get a soccer, basketball or flag football game going (love THESE flags)
  24. Call a friend
  25. Play hide and seek or sardines
  26. Play tag
  27. Play board games (LIFE, Monopoly, Sorry)
  28. Play a card game (Uno, Wackee 6, Solitaire, Set,  Krypto)
  29. Play a dice game (Yahtzee, Tenzi)
  30. Make up your own game
  31. Shoot a bow and arrow (THIS one is our favorite)
  32. Perfect the slackline (THIS one has been great)
  33. Play 4-square (Get a ball HERE.)
  34. Play bocce ball, bean bag toss, or spikeball
  35. Make up a dance
  36. Make up a song
  37. Sing Karaoke, microphone HERE
  38. Make up a play
  39. Listen to music
  40. Play M.A.S.H.
  41. Make friendship bracelets
  42. Make rubberband bracelets (starter kit HERE)
  43. Play with Snap Circuits (starter kit HERE)
  44. Play with Legos
  45. Iron $
  46. Plan the next family outing
  47. Plan the next family trip
  48. Research a famous person from history and tell us all about him or her
  49. Play Laser Tag (awesome set HERE)
  50. Have an indoor basketball contest (greatest indoor hoop ever HERE)
  51. Hide a stuffed animal and play “hot” cold”
  52. Have an Easter Egg hunt
  53. Find your 10 favorite inspirational quotes, print them out and put them in your room
  54. Get ideas for designing your own room
  55. Clean out the toy room $
  56. Donate all your old clothes and toys
  57. Organize the pantry $
  58. Play with bubbles
  59. Make your own bubbles and wands (best bubbles HERE)
  60. Make Harry Potter wands (super easy craft idea HERE)
  61. Make stress balls
  62. Ride bikes or rollerblade
  63. Try to Catch bugs, frogs or snakes
  64. Make an ant maze, find one HERE
  65. Research the craziest animal and tell us all about it
  66. Do family history, great website HERE
  67. Water the garden
  68. Have a water fight
  69. See who can make the ugliest face in a picture
  70. Go on a nature scavenger hunt
  71. Try Geo-caching
  72. Build something with wood, hammer and nails
  73. Jumprope
  74. Organize your books
  75. Play wall ball
  76. Look through old photo albums or Chatbooks
  77. Write a rhyming poem
  78. Paint rocks for the garden
  79. Do Spin Art (options HERE)
  80. Make leaf rubs
  81. Make a piece of jewelry (options HERE)
  82. Pick veggies from the garden
  83. Have a paper airplane contest
  84. Do Origami (options HERE)
  85. Learn a magic trick (book of simple ones HERE)
  86. Tell jokes (book HERE)
  87. Build a fort
  88. Use the Straw Builderz
  89. Make a marble run
  90. Grow Crystals (good kit HERE)
  91. Play in the hammock
  92. Make a set of markers (loved THESE)
  93. Make and play with play-doh
  94. Build with Kinetic Sand, less mess and lots of fun (starter pack HERE)
  95. Make slime
  96. Learn some yo-yo tricks (we really love THIS one)
  97. Do a puzzle
  98. Have a Nerf War
  99. Do your workbook (THIS brand is awesome)
  100. Put together a tinker crate (an awesome summer activity HERE)
  101. Learn all the states
  102. Collect quarters for your State Quarter map (love THIS one)
  103. Complete a Paint by Sticker (Our favorite is THIS one)
  104. Think of something you would love to invent and draw it
  105. Pick flowers and bring them to someone who needs a pick-me-up
  106. Do a secret service for someone in your home
  107. Do a secret service for someone outside your home
  108. Run a mile
  109. See what you can knock down with a catapult (awesome one HERE)
  110. Make a movie
  111. Design your dream house
  112. See how many push up and sit ups you can do, and do one more each day
  113. Play Would You Rather (linked HERE)
  114. Create the perfect smoothie and write the recipe down
  115. Collect snails
  116. Write nice things on sticky notes, and stick them to neighbors or friends doors
  117. Walk a dog (borrow one if you need to)
  118. Create an obstacle course and time each other
  119. Create something with Zoob Builders
  120. Predict the top 10 college football and basketball teams for next year
  121. Learn to tie a tie
  122. Learn to tie your shoes
  123. Make something with Pearler beads
  124. Play with remote control cars
  125. Paint each other’s faces (great kit HERE)
  126. Complete a word search or crossword puzzle
  127. Make a photo montage video
  128. Practice Keyboarding (great option HERE)
  129. Play an instrument
  130. Make a homemade instrument and make a band
  131. Use sidewalk chalk to draw roads and buildings and play with the hot wheels cars
  132. Use ice like water crayons
  133. Finish a Sudoku or Colorku (awesome, thoughtful game HERE)
  134. Do a search and find book or Where’s Waldo (our favorite HERE)
  135. Draw a map of your city
  136. Find a service project you can do (great website HERE)
  137. Create playlists
  138. Play house
  139. Play school
  140. Create a fairy garden (options HERE)
  141. Try High Fit (linked HERE)
  142. Try Yoga (linked HERE)
  143. Try figuring out a Rubix cube (linked HERE)
  144. Read to a pet
  145. Learn cat’s cradle and different string games.