The Candy Bar Game

If you are looking for a fun group game that everyone loves, the candy bar game is the perfect thing for you! It’s a great replacement for a white elephant gift exchange or one where only cheap gifts are a possibility. It’s also awesome for an especially large group where too many people make gift giving impractical. I’ll share the details below:

The candy bar game

To Start the Game

Have everyone bring their favorite candy bar and put them all in the middle of a circle. You choose a person to go first…you can choose the youngest, the oldest, or make people pick a number and then move to the right or left. You can even make it more of a game and have people choose only if they roll doubles. However you like to do it works!

Here’s how the candy bar game works. On their turn, each person picks the candy bar of their choice. They can choose from the center, or steal another person’s candy bar. Once a candy has been stolen 3 times, it can no long be taken. The game ends when the last person chooses a candy bar. The best part is everyone ends up with a candy to eat or take home. If you want to make it more fun you can add a twist.

The Candy Bar Game… but with a Twist

When each person arrives with their candy bar, you tape a security envelope to it that contains cash. No one knows what is inside the envelope. The sealed envelope goes with the candy every time it is traded. At the end of the game everyone opens their envelope and everyone is surprised by what they find.

You can do it with any amount of money…mostly $1 bills with one big winner or a few $5, $10, $20 or even a $100 bill. You can provide the money or have everyone Venmo a few dollars to cover the cost of the cash or ask everyone to bring a $1 bill with each candy bar and you can provide the larger bills. Find a way that works for you and your guests.

Adding money to the game makes it especially fun for kids and adults of all ages! It makes the idea of trading and stealing especially intense. We love opening the envelopes right after the game with everyone. This is also a great idea for a teen Christmas party! There are a few other ways to mix things up too!

Other Variations

You can have people bring their favorite boxes of cereal instead of candy or have people bring fun socks to choose and trade if you want everyone to go home with something. You can also add some dice and only allow people to choose when they roll doubles.

More Christmas Traditions to Try

I hope the candy bar game adds a little excitement and something new to your family parties this season! Everyone I know who has tried it has loved it! Do you have a fun Christmas game your family loves to play? Tell us all about it! We also love our annual marshmallow snowball fight, our sibling dollar store gift exchange, and listening to good Christmas music all month long.