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I love to read, but finding books my boys that enjoyed had a steeper learning curve than I imagined. They didn’t love all the books I had loved, and they were hooked on genres I never really enjoyed. There has been a lot of trial and error, so I thought I would pass on what I know to other boy moms, hoping to make your summer reading lists a bit easier to navigate. As a side note, all of these books could be great for girls too. This list is updated each year so there are new and fresh options to try out! If you are looking for some strategies to get your kids to read, see what worked for us HERE!

The list starts from early readers (Kindergarten) and goes all the way up to teen fiction (for more in depth reviews of 4th grade and up, click HERE). All of the books on this list have been read and recommended by boys with varied interests of many ages and reading levels and includes both fiction and non-fiction. Hope you find a new favorite!

There are two items next to the book listed. The first is interest level…this is IN GENERAL the youngest someone might enjoy the book. That being said, my boys certainly have been able to enjoy many books listed over their interest level and plenty of books under their interest level too. It is a great guide though, especially if you have a reader that is advanced or behind for his grade level.

The second item next to the book is the reading level organized by the guided reading letter A-Z. My boys also enjoy books above and below their reading level, depending on the subject, so don’t rule something out if they really want to read it. Of course kids read at all different levels regardless of age or grade, so here are some quick guidelines.

To summarize for an average reader’s ability: Kindergarten (A-C), Grade 1 (C-I), Grade 2 (J-M), Grade 3 (M-P), Grade 4 (Q-S), Grade 5 (T-V), Grade 6 (W-Y), Grade 7-8 (Z).

If you have an older son (grades 4-10) and would like more in depth reviews to the most recent books including summaries and content specifics, check out the individual recommendations HERE!


100 books for boys

Our Favorites!

Elephant and Piggy  INTEREST LEVEL: Pre-Kindergarten, READING LEVEL: Pre-K, Kindergarten (series)

Scholastic Blast Off Readers INTEREST LEVEL: Kindergarten READING LEVEL: G-N (series) *Quick note: best beginning non-fiction books we have found. Really amazing for the young kid who loves animals or non-fiction. Wish I would have had them for my 2 oldest.*

Little Mouse Kindergarten, level H (series)

Henry and Mudge Kindergarten, level J (series)

Mercy Watson Kindergarten-3, level K (series and a great read together book!)

Frog and Toad Kindergarten, level K (series)

Dumb Bunny Books Kindergarten, level K (series)

Horrible Harry Kindergarten level L (series)

Ricky Ricotta Kindergarten-Grade 3, Level L (series)

My Weird School Grade 3, level L (series)

Magic Treehouse Grade 2, level L-M (series)

Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid Grade K-2, level L-M (series)

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Animals Pre-K, level M

Flat Stanley Grade 3, level M (series)

Junie B. Jones Grade 3, level M (series)

The Riot Brothers Grade 3, Level M (series)

Judy Moody Grade 2-3, level L-P (series)

A to Z Mysteries Grade 3, level N (series)

Secrets of Droon Grade 3, level N (series)

Chalk Box Kid Grade 3, level N

The Stories Huey Tells Grade 3, level N (series)

Jigsaw Jones Grade 3, level N (series)

Geronimo Stilton Grade 3, level N-P (series)

Ralph S. Mouse Grade 3, level O

Good Grief Third Grade Kindergarten, level O

The Dragon Slayers Academy Grade 3, level O

Skinnybones Grade 3, level O

Scared Silly Kindergarten, level P

Hank the Cow Dog Grade 3, level P (series)

Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World Grade 4, level P

Sports Illustrated for Kids Big Book of Who: Football Grade 4-9

Shipwreck Grade 3, level Q (series)

Big Nate Grade 3, level R-S (series)

Will at the Battle of Gettysburg Grade 4, level  (about) Q-T

You Wouldn’t Want to Be… Grade 3-5, level R (series)

The Candy Shop War Grade 3-5, level R

I Survived Series Grade 2-3, level R-S (series)

The One and Only Ivan Grade 3-5, level S

Half Magic Grade 6, level S (series)

Thea Stilton Grade 2-3, level S-T (series)

Fablehaven Grade 5-6  level R-T (series)

Adventurers Wanted Grade 5, level T (series)

Treasury of Illustrated Classics Grades 3-8, level P-V (series)

A Strong Right Arm Grade 3, level T

Charlie Bone Grade 3-5, level T (series)

Rump Grade 3-11, level T

Because of Mr. Terupt, grade 4-8

The Art of Keeping CooGrade 6, level T

Percy Jackson Grade 6, level S-W (series)

39 Clues Series Grade 3-6, level T-W

Redwall Grade 6, level S-Z (series)

Spirit Animals Grade 3-7, level U (series)

Number the Stars Grade 3 and up, level U

Gregor the Overlander Grade 5-6, level V (series)

The Demigod Diaries Grade 5, level W, series

Heroes of Olympus Grade 4, level W (series)

The Mysterious Benedict Society Grade 3, level W (series)

World Record Books Grade 3-8, level W

Spy School Grade 4-8, level V

Eragon Grade 6, level V (series)

Harry Potter Illustrated Addition Grade 2 and up, level V-Z (series)

Wings of Fire Grade 4, level X and above (series)

The Beyonders Grade 6, level X (series)

The Maze Runner Grade 7, level X-Z (series)

Rangers Apprentice Grade 6, level X- above Z (series)

Kane Chronicles Grade 6, level Y (series)

Lives of the Presidents Grade 5-7, N/A

The Hunger Games Grade 6, level Z (series)

H.I.V.E Grade 6-8, level Z (series)

The Young Samurai Grade 5-7, level Z (series)

The Alchemyst: Grade 7 and up, level Z (series)

The Eleventh Plague Grade 9, level Z

Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 Grade 7-10, level Z (series)

Hobbit Grade 9, level Z and above (series)

The Cry of the IceMark Grade 9-12, level Z and above (series)

Enders Game Grade 9, level Z and above

Unbroken: The Young Adult Adaptation, grade 6 and above, read linked review

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I would love to grow this list. What other books have your boys loved at any age or level? 

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