There are so many pressures during the teenage years, and it is so easy for our kids to feel discouraged.

Having parents who let them know that it is okay to not be perfect is essential to help them feel loved and free to be the person they were meant to be.

I wanted to create a printable that would help parents verbalize that feeling.

You can read this to them, or just print it out for them to read on their own, either way it is a powerful reminder most kids desperately need.

It’s amazing to see the weight that is lifted from their hearts when they realize that perfection isn’t and never has been the goal in your family.

Love, forgiveness, honestly and improvement are what you are really looking for.

This will take a weight off their shoulders and perhaps start a conversation that needs to happen.

Letting go of unrealistic expectations for ourselves and our children brings about a healthy openness and allows everyone the freedom to become something more.

This closeness, this acceptance, this connection, just might remind everyone that reality, with all its flaws, is actually a really beautiful thing.

This quote is from my book, I Like Me Anyway: Embracing Imperfection, Connection, and Christ. You can find it HERE.

To print this message in an 8 x 10, right click on the photo, save to your computer, then print.

I’ve also included one for all the single parents out there!