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Hello my new and old friends and thanks for stopping by!

Since our move from Michigan  to Utah two years ago, I knew that at some point, Mom Explores Michigan was going to have to change. After putting so much love into one space, it was hard to let go, but now that the worst part is over, I could not be more thrilled!

Brooke Romney Writes is going to be an exciting place. It will still hold all my old posts and favorite Michigan finds, but it will be so much more.

The new blog layout is reader friendly with a more accurate search feature and a more specific menu layout to make finding your favorite posts even more simple.

Are you out of the checking blogs habit but still love great content? I have a myriad of solutions for you….sign up for email updates or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where we can get to know each other a little bit better on a more regular basis.

On the blog, you can look forward to weekly posts on parenting, marriage and finding joy, book recommendations for you and your children, travel highlights, celebrations, help with dinner time, and simple ways to engage with the larger world. I want this to become a place where we can share both triumphs and failures and support each other while we figure it out together.

I hope Brooke Romney Writes will be a place you love to frequent and a social space that will start to feel like home.