Love Sacks

My son’s elementary school did a wonderful service project last February. It was simple, low-cost and made a difference in our community. These would be easy to do as a church group, school class or even as a family.

The school passed out a brown paper lunch sack to each student with the note above. Everyone was supposed to decorate the bag in their own special way and bring it back to school with non-perishable snacks. The bags were then taken to a local shelter and given to kids who needed an after school snack or just a little pick me up during a hard time.

I love service projects that allow a wide variety of students to participate…for this one everyone could easily color a bag and find a snack or two in their home to put inside. The coloringĀ and note writing gave them a personal connection to the project, filling the bag was easy even without help from mom or dad, and their good works helped local kids right in their own community…win, win, win!