For two cold, Michigan winters we lived in a tiny student housing apartment with 5 or 6 of us (baby was born the second year). It was tight and there was absolutely no usable storage space besides the unfinished basement. After about a month of no one being able to find their hats, gloves, or scarves on the way to school, and dumping the entire basket of winter items on the floor of the family room every single morning, I knew things had to change.
This $15 over the door shoe holder changed our lives! Instead of shoes, each person had one row to use for their winter items, the youngest on the bottom, the oldest on the top. The 4 pockets on each row were enough for gloves, hats, scarves, and something extra. No more dump outs and no more mornings with cold hands!
In our apartment we hung it over the front door. In our next house it was over the laundry room door which was next to the garage, and in our current house, we hang it on the door of the first floor bathroom. It has saved me hours of sanity!
I am no organization expert and I’m pretty horrible at staying with any kind of system, but this one is incredibly easy to keep up and has been perfect for our family! Hope it helps make your mornings a bit easier too!