Books make great gifts, but great books make the best gifts. Unselfish by Paul D. Parkinson is a great one. It is a collection of short stories about people all over the world who choose to be Unselfish and what happens because of their seemingly simple choice. We have been reading one (or more) stories a night during or right after dinner, and all six of us love it; in fact, my kids usually beg for “just one more.”  There have been tears shed together and conversations started about being better than we are and giving more than we are comfortable with. It makes us grateful to share the world with people like the 100 highlighted here. If you need a great gift for parents, friends or siblings, or even for yourself, this is one that will be loved. The perfect bedtime story for kids and adults of all ages.

“99 inspiring stories of people putting others before themselves. Everyone is trying to get noticed. Selfies are taking over the internet. We live in a world where success and achievement seem to be determined by how many “likes” or “followers” one has on social media. Selfish behavior seems to be at an all–time high. But there are people who do Unselfish things everyday. Acts of kindness that no one notices. Extraordinary sacrifices that don’t always go viral. This book celebrates just a few of the unsung stories of regular people and celebrities alike going against the grain and helping their fellow man. Unselfish will reignite your faith in humanity and may just inspire you to “love thy neighbor as thy selfie.”