A few months ago, a friend was paying me for a deposit on a condo. I usually wait for the check to arrive via mail, but he messaged me, “If I can send you money through Square Cash then I could more easily send now.” He sent me a link to read up on it, but I was still skeptical…after all, I am a bit technically challenged and nothing ever seems as easy as it sounds.

But, ready for this? It is that easy!! You quickly input your debit card info into the app and you can pay and receive money in an instant through email or text message, and it is completely free (both ways); in fact, right now they will pay you $1 to give it a try and $5 for friends you refer. 

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Using the app was nice for the one time condo deposit, but it has completely simplified my life in so many other ways:

  • We now use it for our kid’s sports teams, which has saved me. No more writing checks for ref fees, tournament costs, uniforms, etc. Each time we need to pay for something, I get a request through Square Cash and with the click of a few buttons, it’s paid! No lost checks, no finding the team manager or coach…it can all be done in an instant! If I were a team manager or coach, I would use this exclusively for payment. So simple!
  • It’s perfect for group gifts. It’s the worst to be the purchaser of a group gift and then no one remembers to pay you back, so you are stuck gifting the $100 present that should have only been $25. Square Cash makes it super simple for people to pay you first or right after the purchase, and sending a request through the app feels so much better than a whiny reminder text.
  • I also love it when splitting costs for hotel rooms/dinners out/rental cars, etc. It is the best option when traveling with friends or other couples so no one gets stuck fronting all the money. Square Cash allows for almost immediate pay back.
  • It would also be great if you and your spouse have separate checking accounts and you need to transfer money from one to the other. No stopping by the bank or bringing a check home.
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This is not a sponsored or paid post, just me honestly telling you about something that I absolutely love. Ready to give it a try? Sign up below and earn $1:
If you need a little more info because it sounds too good to be true, here are a few links to peruse: