Today for summer with teens, we are tackling technology.

I know for a lot of families this can be one of the hardest parts of the summer, but like we talked about yesterday, expectations are key!

A few things that have helped us curb the frustration:

External Controls: I know these aren’t for everyone, but we love our Google Wifi. Life changing. We set a schedule for when wifi goes on and when it turns off. In the summer we generally keep it off until a later time so my kids can focus on getting necessary things done before even having an option for TV or XBOX. If you have cell phones that are an issue, ourpact or screen time works great for this too. These options take me out of the equation which I love. Learn all about HOW we use them HERE.

Phone Bedtime: Set a time phones need to be plugged in each day. This could just be a bedtime or during certain hours of each day. Decide what works best for your family.

Must Do List: Having a list of items that must be accomplished each day before free time, tech time, or friend time helps keep everyone on the same page. It’s nice to keep these things consistent so there isn’t much arguing or negotiating about them. This doesn’t mean screens are a reward, just that certain items need to be done before free time.

Screen Free Go Tos: A lot of tweens and teens have a hard time figuring out what they are supposed to do if they have free time and screens aren’t an option. Having a list they can see that is full of options can help jog their brain so that tech isn’t always their fall back plan. Summer is a great time to be creative, learn new talents, or experiment with old ones. If you need help creating a list, click HERE for ours!

4 Basic Needs:  There was a study that came out a few years ago that said all kids need 4 things everyday to feel happy: nature, physical touch, human connection, and physical movement. Talk about the importance of those things and make sure your teens are checking those boxes most days.

A Screen Free Week: Last year we did a screen free week and it was so good for ALL of us. To learn more about how we made it happen, click HERE!

If you have any other ideas, please share them with us!