It’s time for a clean out!

Not a closet clean out (you know me better than that). A social media clean out.

Your feed should be like your home.

If someone is making you miserable or forcing an unhealthy relationship, they are not welcome.

When money was tight, I unfollowed every account that made me feel like I regularly needed to buy something.

A weight was lifted. I felt satisfied with what I had instead of sad I couldn’t have more.

If I needed a birthday gift, new rug, or the perfect sweater, the page was still ready and waiting, but on MY terms.

When I was struggling with body image, I got rid of exercise and restrictive food accounts.

When work was busy, I silenced creative motherhood pages that induced guilt.

If there was someone I liked in person but drove me crazy on the internet, I muted them. I saved our relationship by enjoying who they were in real life instead of being bugged by their online persona.

If an account regularly made me feel left out, mad, angry or unsettled, I muted it and came back when I felt like I was in a better headspace.

Again, MY feed on MY terms.

And I made sure I kept all the good stuff.

There is so much freedom in curating a feed that serves you!

Help your teens understand this vital concept. There is so much power in hitting that mute button.

Gather your family around tonight and ask of each account you follow:

If you can answer yes to a few of the questions, keep following & engage with the creator! Let them know how much you value what they produce and share it with your friends!