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Jessica Maner, recently posted the words below on her Facebook feed, and I couldn’t help but share and add a few lines of my own. Her message of love and support is positively beautiful!

“To the pregnant women on social media, posting constant updates and belly pictures – I love seeing how excited you are to become a mommy.

To the women posting “selfies” – thank you for letting young girls know that it’s okay to love yourself and to feel beautiful!

To the mom posting a million pictures of her kids (2 or 4 legged) – it makes my heart so happy to see parents so proud of, and loving their babies!

To the married couple constantly posting “sappy love posts” – thank you for being a reminder to the next generation that all hope isn’t lost and happy marriages most definitely DO exist.

To the business owners who constantly post about their businesses – keep going! Your strong will and passion for what you do is astounding. Even in the midst of all the negative remarks, you keep on going for yourself and family!

To the person who is constantly struggling – I am sorry. I hope you find the support you need in your online community. I should be better about offering it myself.

To the fitness fanatic posting befores and afters – you have completely transformed your life and found health, what an incredible feat! Your enthusiasm for positive change is admirable.

To the re-poster and tagger – because of you, I have read things that have changed my perspective and broadened my understanding. I appreciate you.

To the constant traveler posting exotic pictures of far off lands – I may be stuck at home behind a computer screen, but you are showing me the world and giving me places to add to my bucket list.

To the foodie who seems to eat out for every meal – your photos of gorgeous food make me want to step up my cereal game, or at least try a new restaurant once in awhile.

To the political enthusiast – thank you for caring enough about our country to research candidates and issues and being brave enough to use your first amendment right to speak.

To the religion lover – our beliefs my be different, but your faith inspires me to find my own, especially on dark days.”

We can choose to be annoyed by each and every post, or we can choose to lift and support those we claim to be our friends. Try viewing updates through loving, forgiving and open eyes, looking for best intentions and unwritten needs.

Changing the way you look at social media can literally change the way you see the world.

*Image via webnovation.com.au