Okay Friends! Every once in awhile you run into such an awesome, useful product you just have to share, and today is one of those days! My friend gave me a PenBlade a couple of months ago, and we absolutely love them. They are retractable, super sharp Exacto knives that come in all different sizes. We use ours daily to open boxes (Amazon shopping!), mail, school projects, gift wrapping, box tops, cleaning, home improvement, pretty much everything.

When I told PenBlade how much I loved them, they were willing to do a generous discount for my readers until December 2! I love being able to pass along items I love to you at great deals!

They would make a great stocking stuffers on Christmas Day…something inexpensive but actually useful that won’t just get thrown away ;).  You can use them for cookie and cake decorating, scrap booking, card making, fabric and ribbon cutting, wallpaper, electrical work, fly fishing, hunting, etc! Here is a video that gives you even more ideas: https://penblade.net/

To get the awesome discount… click HERE