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Once a year, you get the chance to get into the BIG HOUSE for free, and it is this Saturday, April 5th. Since regular season football tickets to see the Wolverines price most Michiganders out of attending, don’t miss the chance let your entire family take part in Ann Arbor’s favorite past time!

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Make it a day. If you have a family with staying power, the gates open at 11 am and you can get a prime spot in the stadium. At 12 pm is the alumni flag football game. The team takes the field at 2 pm and at about 4:30 pm the men’s lacrosse team takes on Fairfield. It will be a day of free sports for Michigan fans.

Bring a snack. Some of the concession stands are open, but not many and they sell very overpriced pizza, pretzels, drinks and popcorn. If you have little ones, bring a few things for them to munch on in your diaper bag, but plan on bringing some money…you know kids need food to stay happy at a sporting event :).

Plan for your seat. Last year we arrived right before the game started and there were still plenty of open seats and my kids had room to stretch out and roam a bit. However, if this is your moment to be up close and personal with the players, you will want to be much earlier than we were.

Wear blue. We love getting our family in the spirit of Michigan football. We usually come as decked out as we possibly can and sing the fight song on the way. So much fun.

Bring padding. The big house may be huge, but it certainly isn’t plush. If you have a few seat cushions, bring them. Those bleachers get very uncomfortable.

Dress in layers. This is Michigan, right? Make sure the kids are comfortable!

If you go.

Watch your parking. There are lots of signs near the stadium that say, “No parking during football games.” This lamely includes the spring scrimmage too. We learned the hard way with about 40 other people last year as we picked up our cars from the impound. We were so mad.

Bring cash. The purpose of this game is to raise money for MOTT Children’s Hospital, so you will be asked to give. You may even ask your children to grab a dollar or two of their own money to give after they watch these awesome stories of the “Little Victors.”