When Ann Arbor gets snow, there is nothing more exciting for the kids than getting out and playing in it. We love snow forts and snowball fights, but hands down, sledding is the most anticipated winter activity.

Our favorite place to sled it the Huron Hills Golf Course in Ann Arbor. Be aware, this destination is for serious sledders. The hills are huge which means exhilarating fun going down and a big climb going up. That being said, it is so worth it as long as you have kids who can carry themselves up the hill. There are multiple paths and bowls (if you don’t feel like climbing to the very top every time) and on a snowy day or a Saturday it is full of kids and parents enjoying the winter fun.

The full hills are ideal for kids ages 5 and up, but if you are willing to pull a sled and carry a toddler, they have a blast careening down the hills too. Another option is to just climb as high as you like and slide down over and over again.

A few other tips: there are no bathrooms that are readily accessible, so plan accordingly. You may also want to bring a small backpack with water and a few snacks if you plan to be out for awhile as parking is across Huron River Parkway and the trek from the sledding spot is really long. And, of course, dress as warm as you can and wear great gloves…it makes all the difference!

Happy Winter!

Address. 3465 E Huron River Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48104