One of our favorite summer activities is spending the day at Rolling Hills Water Park in Ypsilanti. It can keep you and your little ones busy all day long in the warm sunshine. There were a few things I especially loved (all images and information via Rolling Hills Water Park):

The variety. Both toddlers and teenagers can spend the day doing everything they love…some of it together and some of it apart. If you are looking for a great place to take the entire family or extended family, this is it. You will find the following areas:


  •  White Cap Bay. The zero-depth entry wave pool allows guests to play in the surf of the shallow end and ride the waves floating in inner tubes in the deeper water. Waves are on for 8 minutes and the water is calm for 12.


  • Plunge Peak. This 32 foot tall tower features 3 water slides! Two twisting slides, each with 250 feet of wet and winding fun, and one 160-foot speed slide for more adventurous riders. Riders must be 42″ or taller to ride any slide on Plunge Peak.

  • Lazy River. The river offers 750 feet of slow moving current. Guests may enjoy a relaxing float in a no-spray channel or choose an optional adventure route featuring various forms of spray, geysers or falling water.



  • Body Slide and Tube Slide. The narrow body slide offers a long straightaway and a sweeping turn before spilling into a splash pool. On the wider tube slide, guests may ride with or without a tube and carry a passenger on their lap.

  • Little Dipper. The Little Dipper kiddie slide is for children less than 45″ tall The ride gently slopes into shallow water and is wide enough for several children to ride at the same time.


Kiddie Slide


  • Activity Pool. The activity pool is very popular with younger children due to its wide zero depth entry, gentle bubblers, geysers, a waterfall and the Little Dipper slide for children under 45″ tall.


Kids under the Waterfall in the Activity Pool



  • Spray Grounds. There are two spray ground offered at Rolling Hills and they include open slides, tube slides, water falls and geysers.


  • Sand Playground. The sand playground is perfect for little guests who need a break from the water.

The price. Rolling Hills is a full water park, but since it is also a county park, you can’t beat the price. One bummer is you do have to pay $5 for your vehicle if you are a Washtenaw county resident or $9 for your vehicle if you are a non resident. Good incentive to carpool ;). The entrance fee is as follows:  

Weekday (after 5pm)  7.00 (4.50)  9.00 (5.50)
Weekend or Holiday  8.00  10.00
36″ tall or under  Free  Free


The upkeep. Rolling Hills is in great shape and well maintained. I’m not sure I have ever been to a water park that is so clean and well taken care of. You will love it.
If you go. 
Sleep in. The park is open 11am-7pm Monday-Friday and 11am-8pm Saturday-Sunday.
Don’t bring food. One of the ways they keep the park looking so nice is by prohibiting outside food and drink. We got away with a water bottle, but they saw us sneaking a few goldfish and told us to put them away. If you don’t want to buy food there, you can bring a cooler in your car and head out of the park to eat lunch and snack. They have typical grill food plus a few healthy options that are reasonably priced and can be eaten in the designated food area. Exceptions are made for baby bottles and baby food.
Bring your ID. In order to get the resident deal on parking and entrance fees, you MUST have your ID…no exceptions.
Wear your own life jacket. Rolling Hills has a few life jackets to loan to guests, but if you know your child needs a flotation device, it is best to bring your own.
Dress in swim diapers. Babies and toddlers must wear swim diapers. You can bring your own or purchase them in the front office.
Go with a group. If you have a group of 20 or more, contact the group offices for a special discount. Group swim times are from 11-2 only.