Bundle up this weekend friends because this is your last chance to see how they extract maple sap from maple trees and turn it into syrup! It is a must see while you are in Michigan. We attended our tour at Kensington Metro Park last year, but there are lots of places around Michigan that have the same type of demonstration. We had a great time and loved learning and enjoying the park together.

Insider Info.

Afternoon only. Plan to be there between noon and 2:30 if you want to see the guided presentation, which lasts about 90 minutes. I think this is the best way to see things. Our presenter was entertaining and extremely knowledgeable. He was great with the kids and could answer just about any question we had. If you just want to explore the sugarbush, it stays open for self-guided tours while the park is open.

Enjoy the past. At Kensington Metro Park they tap the maple trees the old fashioned way and it is so interesting to see how it all works. I love watching food production from farm to table.

Prepare your kids. The hike through the maples is not stroller friendly, so bring a front pack or be prepared for your child to walk. The presentation is probably ideal for school age children and adults since it lasts up to 90 minutes, but you can go to as much or as little of it as you or your kids can handle. Bringing a little food distraction might not be a bad idea.

Skip the breakfast. The breakfast at Kensington was just microwavable pancakes and sausage. My kids still enjoyed it, but I will skip it…although the fresh maple syrup is tempting (breakfast served 9am-2pm, $5). I have heard other parks have hot pancakes, etc.

Check out the Algoquin winter camp. My boys thought the array of weapons, costumes and primitive living materials was really awesome. This was their favorite part of the presentation. Open from noon-4pm.

See the farm. Near the maple tapping demonstration is a small farm with animals to see. The admission is free and what kid doesn’t love to look at animals?

Stay and play. Kensington Metro Park is an amazing place that we are excited to get back to this summer. If the weather is nice, plan extra time to bike ride or scooter on one of the fantastic, paved trails. Bring a picnic lunch and eat it after a hike, watch the ducks and geese on the lake, or just enjoy time on the playset or swings. It promises to be a fun, family day.

Bring some cash. You can buy a bottle of maple syrup or maple cream right after the presentation. I believe a small jug is around $8, but it is so worth it!

See another. Want to check out a different maple tapping story? You have lots of options!

If you go.

Directions. It can be a bit hard to find, so check the website. 2240 W. Buno Road Milford, MI

Cost. Park entrance: $5 per car. Tour: $3 for adults or $1 for kids under 12 and seniors. Under 3 is free!