A few weeks ago my son went to a birthday party at the Creature Conservancy in Ann Arbor. He had a great time there, but I didn’t realize how much my almost 2 year old would love the free mini-farm. We loved walking around and checking out all the little and big animals while the others were partying inside.

Stop for the little ones.
This isn’t a large area, but on a nice day when the animals are out we were able to see lots of cool animals like an Artic Fox, peacock, goat, horses, rabbits, parrots and many more. It’s amazing how long little kids can stop and watch animals.Insider Info.

Bring some coins. The Creature Conservancy is free, but it is nice to drop a few coins or dollar bills in as all the money raised goes to help rehabilitate the animals living there.

Plan to stroll. The area is relatively small, but you can walk around back to see more animals and those roads are dirt or can be a little muddy depending on the weather, so wear appropriate clothes or skip the animals around back.

Make it quick. To see all the animals on the property, it will only take about 30 minutes, but if your children enjoying looking for a long time, you might be able to stretch it to about 1 hour. It’s the perfect quick, free, get out of the house trip.

Plan a party. They throw awesome parties at the Creature Conservancy. You can invite as many you like (up to a certain number), you bring all your own food, and they bring cool animals out for the kids to look at and learn about and they get to play some games and walk around the area and see more animals. My son has been to quite a few parties there and always has a great time and learns a lot. Definitely worth looking into for summer and winter parties.

Let the animals come to you.
The Creature Conservancy also brings animals to your classroom or event. Click here for more info.



If you go.

Address. 4940 Ann Arbor Saline Road Ann Arbor, MI

Hours. 10am-6pm weekdays, 10-2pm Saturdays, closed Sunday

List of animals on display. Click here.

Birthday Parties.

Summer Camps.

Parking. Free and plentiful.

Cost. Free!