The Ann Arbor Area has some fantastic parks, but one of our very favorites is County Farm Park. It is a fantastic place for little ones and big ones to explore. Janice Richardson recently took her family there and offered us this review:

County Farm Park has a little of everything: playground, sand box, nature trails through prairie and woods, community gardens and a perennial flower garden! It’s the perfect springtime destination to shake off those wintery months and ideal for the hot, lazy days of summer. 
Insider Info.
Pack a picnic. There are several covered pavilions and lots of picnic tables and grass space for a lunch break.
Be ready for the heat. Most of the playground is very sunny.  Two large shade structures have been added, a flower and a butterfly, which provide some shade, but the bulk of the play equipment and the sand area is in the sun. During the summer you will want to arrive before the equipment gets too hot.
Bring water. There is a drinking fountain, but bringing water is wise considering the size of the park!
Don’t get stuck at the playground. When we visited my kids loved the play area, but once I was finally able to convince them to come visit the perennial flower garden they were enchanted!  My six year old actually told me that the flower garden, and especially its geometric designs and gravel paths, where his favorite part of the park!
Take a hike. There are lots of different paths, all well marked and maintained.  Some go through the woods and are nice and shady, others are more sunny through the prairie.  There is even an exercise route with 18 stations if you want to turn it into a fitness walk.
Visit the veggies. Take a stroll through the Project Grow community gardens and take a peek at what others are growing.  If you don’t have a garden of your own,  your kids will really enjoy seeing each step of the growing process.
Park off Platt. Located at the southwest corner of Washtenaw Ave. and Platt Rd., the parking lot closest to the playground is off of Platt Rd.