Today we have another guest post from one of my favorite bloggers right now, Elizabeth Downie. If you need a little chuckle or belly busting moment, a Michigan tip, a great craft idea or a delicious recipe you must follow along with her at Every time I read her blog I end up with a smile.

Here are her tips for fun this weekend:

If you ask anyone in this part of southeastern Michigan what their favorite cider mill is, I’m sure they will all say something different. Partly because there are so many good cider mills in the area, and partly because it largely depends on where you began your cider mill tradition!
For me, that tradition began as a kid when my family had an annual tradition of going to the Dexter Cider Mill. We’d drive down Huron River drive, along that windy, tree-lined road, and admire the river and the fall leaves surrounding us. It all led up to that moment of bliss when we’d get to the cider mill and take that first sip of the best apple cider ever, and the crispy, warm, soft on the inside donuts. Mmm… Why am I not there right now? 
When you go…
While in line, pick up some yummy Michigan maple syrup, or some Michigan honey, or any other number of cute things they sell in the cider mill. One of my very favorite things is the player piano which is often playing the University of Michigan fight song on Saturday afternoons. If it happens to not be playing while you’re there, request that it play a song! The staff will be happy to oblige! 
One of the best things about this mill is that you can watch as the cider is being made. Then as you sip your cider behind the mill, you can sit along the rivers edge and enjoy the foliage surrounding it. It’s truly a “Pure Michigan” moment.
Here’s what you need to know! 
Address. 3685 Central Street, Dexter, Michigan
Hours.  Wednesday – Saturday, 9:00-5:00 (open till 6:00 on Saturday)
Parking.  There is a parking lot at the cider mill, but on Saturdays it gets full fast. You can also park on the side street near the cider mill.
And as long as you’re already in Dexter, why not drive a little bit farther and head over to Hell, Michigan!? It’s the only place where Hell freezes over! Hell is a really fun Halloween destination spot, and only a short drive from Dexter. 
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In Hell, you can stop for a bite to eat at the Dam Site Inn, or stop in the general store for some ice cream or Hell themed gifts and t-shirts. There you can buy a postcard from Hell and mail it right at the post office in the store. They will singe the edges of your postcard if you request it, and will add the postmark: HELL, Michigan. 
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Hell is a very small town (the tourist part is about the size of a city block) and is a nice place to spend an afternoon. It’s a very kid-friendly environment too, contrary to what the name implies. Kids ages 6-18 would especially enjoy it. 

And there you have it, a perfect fall day in southeastern Michigan!