With 4 boys, my nemesis is laundry, but more specifically, it’s socks. I HATE to fold them, so they often sit in a basket and no one can find a match. Last year I decided to make things as easy as possible on myself and I wanted to share.

We now buy only ONE brand of socks; you can choose any brand you like, but I use the same brand for everyone just in different sizes. My boys like the Cherokee brand from Target because they stay soft, so that is all we get. It doesn’t matter if others are on sale or look good, I don’t buy them; it’s just not worth it. They come in 3 different varieties, so there are options on length and my life has become significantly easier….everyone can always find a match and it’s easy to fold them when the time comes. An extra bonus, when one is lost or old, there is always another to match it with.

Another friend of mine has her boys put their socks all in a lingerie bag when they are dirty and she washes and dries them in the bag. Great idea and saves serious time and folding.