Want to win the “Coolest Mom” award? Take your kids to Sky Zone, the indoor trampoline haven in Canton, Michigan. It really is an incredible bouncing wonderland. My boys keep asking, “When can we go back?”

Insider Info.
Bring your money. This place does not qualify as “cheap fun.” In fact, it costs $10 for 30 minutes of trampoline action. You can add time in 30 minute increments for $5 or get a small discount by paying for it all up front. Also be aware that if you jump, you pay; this means parents, toddlers, etc. There is no wiggle room or free passes. It was an expensive day for our family of 6, but it was worth it.
Bring the big kids, adults included! Words hardly seem adequate to describe how incredible this place is, especially for the 6 and over crowd. There is a huge center trampoline with trampolines up the walls, 3 dodge ball courts, 3 basketball dunks, a foam pit, arcade, snack bar…it’s amazing. Sky Zone is ideal for ages 5-adult and would be especially fun for tweens and teenagers.
Know the rules. There are at least 5,000 rules at Sky Zone, but I understand because they have to keep people safe. If you forget one of the rules, there are employees that cover every inch of the complex, so they will quickly remind you. The rules do keep people safe but they can also make play annoying like not allowing parents to jump with their kids at all and a few others I had to roll my eyes about. We were some of the only people there, so I found the abundance of rules a bit annoying, but I do understand the need for consistency because of the liability and safety issues. Please be aware that if your kids are too young to understand rules, it might be a bit of a hassle for them and you if Sky Zone is crowded.

Keep littles away. My 18 month old loved it so much. He literally jumped for 90 minutes straight, but that was only because we basically had the place to ourselves since we went while school was in. The toddlers have only a small area on the large trampoline where they can jump. They are not allowed to cross a special line, which is only divided by colored pads, cannot jump inside the same square as another jumper, have to wait in a line to jump in the foam, cannot take the balls, and are not allowed to jump with their older siblings…try explaining that to an 18 month old. That being said, my little guy still had the greatest time, so the hassle and corralling was worth it. However, I would never take someone under 5 when school is out and kids are everywhere. Sky Zone does offer Toddler Time twice each week and that is a great way for them to still get their jumping time in without being run over by big kids.

Start with one hour. Most kids want to jump for at least one hour and some for 90 minutes. Even my super active boys (ages 10,8, and 6) were ready for a breather after 1 1/2 hours of jumping. We paid for 2 hours, so they rested then played then rested and played for the last 30 minutes, but we would have been just fine with 90 minutes of jumping.
Dress appropriately. Imagine jumping, non-stop for 90 minutes and then decide what you would like to wear. It’s best for all jumpers to wear comfortable, flexible clothes. Make sure girls have clothing that doesn’t fly up and let the boys wear t-shirts and gym shorts…sweaty, sweaty sweaty. Even the adults we were with wished they had come in athletic wear. Don’t forget your socks; you will slip them into the special jumping shoes.
Bring a friend. Sky Zone is much more fun with a group. You can get together and play dodge ball, have dunking contests or do trampoline tricks. It would be a great place to go as a group.
If you go.
Arrive on time. It takes about 10-15 minutes to get your jump times paid for, your valuables locked up and your jumping shoes on. Plan that time into your trip. They let new jumpers onto the court every 30 minutes. You do not want to arrive at 2:05 and have to wait until 2:30 to jump. Be aware that during peak times the wait may be much longer.
Check the specials.  Click on the tab “news,” to find some great deals including: Tuesday Family Night, Tot Time, Date Night, SkyMania, and SkyJam.
Go during off hours. We went on a Friday afternoon while school was in session and basically had the place to ourselves. However, they said that by 5pm things get pretty crazy. I would call and ask when they are expecting groups, parties, etc.
Bring a water bottle. Sky Zone has a drinking fountain, but you can really work up a sweat, so it’s nice to be able to quench your thirst between jumping sessions with your own water bottle.
Check the hours.  Sky Zone has differing hours each day and is closed Monday. Check the website before you make the drive.
Bring your waiver. If you are bringing friends, have them print off a waiver and have their parents sign. Each child must have a waiver before they jump.
Buy early. If you are coming with a group or are sure of when you want to jump, pre-pay for your passes online, especially during peak hours. Feel free to call Sky Zone and ask about availability before you go. They do have court capacity and often reach it, so don’t come all the way there just to be disappointed.
Have a party. The parties there are not cheap, but they would sure be fun.
Raise money for your school. This is a win/win and requires very little effort. It’s definitely worth looking in to.
Bounce up your workout. What is more fun than jumping? Sky Zone offer Skyrobics and it looks like a blast, plus they watch your toddlers during the class. Each class is $12 or a 10 class punch card for $100.