When I first moved to Ann Arbor I became friends with a fantastic mom who was amazing at letting her kids explore, create, and be individuals…something that can be a bit hard for me. I remember the day she told me about this “great store” that sells all kinds of junk that you can buy on the cheap, bring home and make a mess with. I thought hmmmm….

However, on a blustery wintry day with no school, she convinced me to come with her to THE SCRAP BOX, let my kids fill a large bag with their choice of recycled junk, then go back home, plug some hot glue guns in, dump everything onto the floor and let the kids go. This is not my typical idea of fun, but she offered up her house as the creating station so I happily went along.

I must admit, the store, THE SCRAP BOX, was pretty exciting for us all offering all kinds of used but clean and usable items from foam to cardboard, building tools to fabric, old records to egg cartons, it was a little kid’s or a DIYer’s paradise.

If you are ever in need of items for a party, class project, or rainy day fun, this is the first place to hit. It’s a non-profit too serving the community and keeping us green! Highly recommended!

Website. The Scrap Box
Address. 581 State Circle
Price. Fill a large bag for $6 or a small bag for $4. There is also a free room.
Order by mail. Items available by mail change but they are often a great deal and always ready for reuse.
Hours. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10am-5pm Saturday 10am-2pm
Fieldtrips and workshops for children. Click here.
Girl scout or cub scout workshops. Click here.
Birthday parties. Click here.

Here is a sample of some great items and Halloween Costumes created from items at The Scrap Box. All images via The Scrap Box.