We had the chance to take a little jaunt to Troy last week to play at AirTime Trampoline and Game Park, ¬†another fantastic indoor trampoline jump zone. My kids of all ages had an incredible time (as did I) and I would give it an enthusiastic two thumbs up. We all can’t wait to visit again. (all images via AirTime web and AirTime Facebook)

Insider Info.

Bring your money. As with other trampoline venues, this is not a cheap day out. AirTime costs $12 for the first hour and $8 for the second hour M-TH and $14 for the first hour and $10 for the second hour F-SU. Depending on the number of kids in your family who are jumping, it can get expensive very quickly. Don’t be surprised.

No shoes required. You can jump in bare feet or buy a pair of AirTime socks with slip guard on them for $3. We just jumped in bare feet and it was great.

Choose your time. You can choose to jump for one hour or two. After one hour my kids are still wanting more, but they can’t quite jump for two. 90 minutes is ideal but they don’t have that option…so if you have energetic kids, choose 2, if they tire quickly or are young, one is fine. Wish there was a 90 minute option.

Arrive on the quarter hours. Jump sessions start every half hour and they are sticklers on getting off the court, so you will want to arrive in enough time to register, pay and store your belongings before your jump time starts. You won’t want to waste one precious minute.

Bring some quarters. Lockers are $.50 and it’s nice to store your stuff in a secure spot. There are also a few video games to play if you want to prolong your visit a bit.

Register online. Everything at AirTime is state of the art and very slick. You fill out all of your information, including your waiver online, then they keep it on file for an entire year. Very cool for a mom like me juggling 3 older kids and a baby who all want to start jumping or for older kids who don’t need their parents to accompany them. Waiver here.

Jump together. One of the great things about AirTime is that it wants families and friends to have a great time together. There are lots of rules in order to keep people safe, but if you end up there during a less busy time things are a little more flexible. Always parents can jump with their kids, toddlers can enjoy dodge ball with their siblings, brothers can try and dunk at the same time and friends can flip into the mosh pit all at once for a photo op. When things get busier, they have to separate things a bit more for safety purposes, but there can still be a lot of togetherness and fun to be had.

Get a parent wristband. If you decide to take your family to jump but don’t think you will want to, you can get a parent wristband which allows you to walk on the pads to help little jumpers but you are not allowed to jump on the trampolines. The wristband is free.

Book early. AirTime fills up quickly on evenings and weekends, so if you know you are planning on jumping, reserve and pay for your spot online. This guarantees that you will be able to jump when you arrive. AirTime can book out 3 days in advance…yikes! The facility is not quite as big as SkyZone, so it fills up a bit faster. Booking a time online is also convenient for parents who are sending their kids with others or on their own.

Bring a friend. There is a sweet spot at AirTime…enough kids to have a good time, but few enough that you can have the opportunity to experience everything you want to without long lines and running into other bouncers. If you go in the morning, the crowd is typically younger, and it tends to be less crowded (unless there are groups). As the day goes on, older kids begin to arrive and by the evening the place is jumpin’. If you are concerned about crowds, it’s a great idea to call the day before or morning of and see what they have on the books. If you are going during a less busy time, be sure to take a friend or two as it makes for a much more exciting experience.

Have your own downtime. The facility is squeaky clean and modern…a great place to sit and relax with a book or get some work done if you have kids that are independent but still need you in the area. Great for a hot and humid summer day.

Drop off the kids. If your kids are old enough to handle themselves and have a signed release form in the system, they can jump without parental supervision. Much more fun than a babysitter for a couple of hours.

Photo: Not only do we love to jump, we also love to fly high! If you're 16 +, you need to grab some air for tonight's Encore from 9pm - 11pm.

Listen to the music. AirTime really heats up on weekend nights when they bring a local DJ in for a real party atmosphere. This is an ideal experience for older kids and adults looking for an active and artsy night out. Fridays 9-11pm ages 13 and up $17, Saturdays 9-11pm 16 and up, $17.

Go during a special. The great thing about specials is that you can jump for less…the bad thing is, it might be a bit or a lot more crowded.

  • A/T attack: old school dodgeball: Tuesday 7-9 pm $14
  • Junior Jam: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-10am and Sundays 10-11am. $10 for a parent and child, $7 for each additional child. Must be under 7 years of age. Perfect for little jumpers!
If you go.
Parking. Plenty
Register online.
Call ahead. See what they day is like and how busy things will be. 248-918-0909
Book your session. Planning a weekend? Pay in advance.
Save your snacks. No outside food or drink (water bottles are okay). There are vending machines but no food for sale.
Try AirCamp. Looking for a crazy fun camp this summer? AirTime offer one.
Coolest birthday parties around. What kid of any age wouldn’t love celebrating their birthday here?
Fundraise. A great opportunity for schools in the Metro Detriot area.
Perfect party. A great place for day cares, corporate events, family reunions…anything!