I love it when I discover items that make my life easier, and since I am a sharer, I like to tell everyone when I find one. This Hall & Perry Oil Mister is just so good. You can use it as advertised, to spray your olive oil dressings on salads, which is totally awesome, or you can use it as we have loved it, for coconut oil.

We use coconut oil for just about everything around here, and I have wanted a way to use the tub of oil I buy at Costco to coat baking pans, waffle irons, cookie sheets, etc. without the aerosol spray chemicals or melting it and brushing it on all the time, and this amazing mister does just that.

Because the jar is glass, I just spoon my oil inside, microwave for a couple of seconds, screw the top on,  and pump, and I have a steady stream of coconut oil for all my baking and cooking needs. It has been absolutely fantastic. When I am done, I rinse the tube and tuck it up a bit so the oil doesn’t solidify around or inside it. When I need to use it again, I take off the top and microwave it for a couple of seconds and it is ready to go.


If you don’t use coconut oil all that often and want to use it for multiple functions, just pour the oil you don’t use back in the tub, and rinse your mister out so you can use it for something else.

It is honestly my favorite new kitchen tool! I think I would like to get another one because it would be perfect to store my favorite homemade vinaigrette dressing in. Maybe it would make me excited to eat salads again? People also love it for grilling, marinades, etc. I think it would make a great gift…Mother’s Day, wedding season, Father’s Day etc.

I reached out to Hall & Perry to see if they would offer a discount to my readers and they were happy to! Now through April 30, you can get the oil mister for only $14 if you have prime or 10% off the $22 regular price without prime. Use this LINK or the code 10BROOKEOIL to get the discount. I hope you love it as much as I do!