PicMonkey Collage stocking stuffers 2

Sometimes stocking stuffers are the hardest things to think of! Of course new socks and underwear are non-negotiables, but here are a few other items we seem to hit the jackpot with that are little enough to throw in a stocking. 

Digital Timer Bookmark: I LOVE this idea! This bookmark keeps track of your child’s reading time…brilliant! No more guessing or asking, “How much longer?” They also have a version with a reading light here. Can’t wait to start using ours!($8.99)
Crazy socks: Not sure if crazy socks for boys are all the rage where you are, but they certainly are here. Stance Socks get really funky and Red Lion socks are a little more tame but just as fun. A great option for a little boy wardrobe excitement.
Head Lamp: This would make an awesome stocking stuffer. Perfect for  dark tag, camping, or even reading at night. You will be surprised at how excited they are about a head lamp. ($13)
Rubik’s Cube: These take you back, right? They are just as entertaining and challenging as they have always been…a great little item for the stocking! ($11)
LEGO Figurines $5 for 20 figures
What boy does not love to have a few new LEGO guys? These are great for throwing into the bottom of a stocking!

Plastic Ninjas $8 for 42
These are always a hit. They are very inexpensive and a fun little pop at the bottom of the stocking

Matchbox Cars $19 for 20 cars
While older boys may not play with cars for long, it always surprises me how much they like getting a few in their stocking, plus it is a fun thing for older and younger boys to play together.
Wallets: What boy doesn’t love a wallet. An Awesome stocking stuffer, especially if it include a few crisp dollar bills! ($11.99)

It seems like no one is too young to enjoy a few crisp dollar bills, $2 bills or silver dollars make things even more exciting. It is fun to give each child a few dollars to spend over the break or a little money roll to begin a savings account.
Tickets/Gift Cards
How cool to find movie tickets/trampoline park passes or itunes gift cards at the bottom of your stocking? Such a fun surprise.
Team gear
Roll up a t-shirt of your son’s favorite team…a little more fun than underwear ;).