We moved here from the land of sunshine…Arizona. After spending 7 years there, I got used to the luxury of a little sun-kissed look all the time. While I know that the increased humidity and decreased sun will be good for my skin in the long run, I can’t stand feeling pale for 7 months of the year.

So, I have three cheap and easy options that save me. I don’t need to look bronzed or dark all year, but a little color never hurt anyone, right? I like things that are low-maintainence because I am the least detailed person I know so it can’t be overly complicated.

These are the 3 that help me pretend that Michigan has better weather than it really does :).

For a little color that washes off. N.Y.C. Mosaic Face Powder ($5, Walmart)
I am not great at make-up application and this goes on so easily. I use it instead of blush most of the time.

For a little more color that shows up quickly and stays a few days. Neutrogena Micro-mist airbrush sunless tan ($10 Walmart). I use this on my face, chest and shoulders or arms when I need a little sunshine. The coolest thing is that you can just close your eyes and hold your breath and spray on your face. It only takes a few seconds and has never been streaky for me. I’ve done it at night and in the morning. Easiest application ever.
For an all-over tan that stays 3-5 days. My sister-in-law turned me onto these L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Tanning Wipes ($10 for 6 at Target) before a winter wedding and I love them. They are a touch more complicated…like they work best if you shave and exfoliate, etc. and best if you use them at night so they have some time to develop. They also can be streaky on the very fair parts of your body if you don’t apply them well, but they give a really nice deeper tan that sticks around. I like that I can apply it on my own and don’t need help, plus they look great on your face and neck too, but for sure wash your hands after application. Warning, I have a friend who is very fair and tried them out…looked good on her face and arms but way too orange everywhere else, so be careful and give them a trial run before a big event!
There is a gal who is really into sunless tanning and she has some great tips here! I don’t sunless tan often and would not consider myself an expert but these products help me get through the end of winter and prepare for spring! Here’s to hoping we have some real sunshine soon.