One of my favorite places to shop, if I am looking for just the right item to complete a household look but don’t want to spend much is Ann Arbor’s Reuse/Recycle Center. It offers so many great finds for significantly less than other consignment or resale shops in town.

I use the Reuse/Recycle center for small home decorating items, but they have a fantastic array of extremely useful discarded items like dressers, headboards, tables, chairs, doors, sinks, lighting, lamps, books, kitchen items, sports equipment, bikes and re-claimed urban wood just to name a few.


My favorite purchase was this stack of old National Geographic Magazines. They gave just the right pop of yellow to my old IKEA bookcase and all of them together cost me under $3. In my dream world I would have old, hardbound books of my favorite classics, but since I can’t afford those, I went ahead and snagged some great ones in my color palette to complete another shelf in my bookcase. All of the books together were less than $7! The other items on the shelves were handed down to us or cheap from IKEA.

If you are the type of person who loves a great deal, is interested in refinishing items or is great at giving a little love to something that was once fantastic (most items need some or a lot of work), this is your place. You can see some of their best pieces by checking out their Facebook page. As a real bonus the work they do there supports many of Ann Arbor’s fine environmental programs. What have you found at the Reuse/Recycle Center that you love?

If you go.


Parking. Close and plentiful.


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