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If you are looking for big, used furniture items in good condition but still inexpensive, a great place to visit is the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift shop. The shop is a genius idea that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for Ann Arbor Public Schools while it resells great items to the public.

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Donate and shop away. All of the money get funneled back into the Ann Arbor Public schools, so feel great about clearing out your old items or searching for new treasures. They will also deliver furniture for a fee if you don’t own a vehicle large enough to transport.

Check back often. As with all resale shops, if you are looking for something specific, you will want to check back often as new items arrive daily.

Look around. There is more than just furniture here. They stock some great on trend clothing as well as lots of sewing supplies, fabric, home goods, children’s toys, pianos, and furniture. The warehouse is large, well organized and clean. They generally sell only items that are in working order and discount well the items that need work.

Buy fast. I once found 2 mid-century modern dressers that were in excellent condition. The price was good but not a steal so I decided to think about it for a day. When I returned, they were gone. If you see something you love, you better grab it.

Shop sales. There is also a specific tag color on sale and you can get even deeper discounts on these items. This week Green tagged clothes are only 50 cents, green tagged furniture is 50% off and green tagged linens, pillows and rugs are 50% off.

Shop Memorial Day. On Memorial Day, May 27th, the ENTIRE store is 50% off. You will be amazed at what you can buy for just a few dollars on that day, but arrive early!

Know your discounts. 10% discount every day for seniors, 25% off on your birthday, 25% discount for students on Saturday, and 25% discount for AAPS staff on Sunday.

Be a rep. Every public school in Ann Arbor has a chance to raise money for their PTO through the PTO Thrift Shop. It takes a little dedication but is really not much work and you can earn serious money for your school. If your school is not fully utilizing this amazing resource, you should!

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Address. 2280 South Industrial Highway Ann Arbor, MI.

Donate. Read this section on their website carefully if you would like to donate. They do not accept donations when it is raining or snowing and have specific donation hours. They will also pick up larger items from Ann Arbor and many surrounding areas for free.

Vote. If you shop at the PTO Thrift Shop and spend more than $5, you have a chance to cast your vote for a specific school club or cause that is trying to earn extra money. Find out what week your school will be on display and give them a little extra support while you shop.