When we were trying to decorate our front room, we were faced with a bit of a long, awkward layout, high ceilings, and a sectional that we were we trying to position correctly. I love to decorate with items that are meaningful and I could not figure out how to fill the large space above our couch. Then, I asked a local artist, Erin Harris, if she could make something custom for my space.

I sent her a photograph that I loved, and then a few prints and pottery with colors I was trying to incorporate into the room and let Erin do her magic. She came up with the perfect painting for our space. The colors are so vivid and the work fits just perfectly in our home. It is always a conversation starter and focal point in our room. We love it.

Really wish I were a better photographer 🙂

The good news is that Erin is now available to do more custom art work. She graduated with an art teaching degree from The University of Michigan and can literally do anything you are hoping for. She works in all mediums, styles and sizes and is very reasonably priced. She lives part-time in Michigan and part-time in Utah, but she can ship her work anywhere, so if you are looking for that perfect, personal piece to complete your home, or the just right gift, she is your girl. To contact Erin with questions, pricing, or requests, send her an email at: [email protected].







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