A few weeks ago we were looking for a fun side to serve at a BBQ and a man at Costco introduced us to something heavenly, gourmet, and incredibly easy…Pesto Portobello Mushroom caps.


4 large portobello mushroom caps
1 jar of pesto sauce (the kind from Costco is great)
Cheese (this one is up to you…we kept it mild with mozzarella, but you could do parmesean, feta, blue…anything really).


Wipe each mushroom cap with a damp paper towel and place on 2 pieces of heavy duty foil big enough to cover the mushroom. Fill the inside of the mushroom with a few spoonfuls of pesto (don’t be shy here) and top with your choice of cheese (the mozzarella was great and we would do that again). Carefully wrap the foil around the mushroom and place on the grill away from the direct flame. They take about 20 minutes, but check on them after about 15 because they are not good over cooked. This is perfect if you are grilling something else on the main part of the BBQ or super easy for a foil packet on a campfire.

To serve:

Unwrap the mushrooms and cut into 1/4s or serve whole as a main dish. Enjoy!!

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