I love a good burger. So, when we moved to Ann Arbor I was thrilled to find Krazy Jim’s Blimpie Burger. It is unapologetically a big bite of greasy heaven. I love their menu…simple, straightforward and delicious, college food for a grown up crowd that my kids beg for too.

Don’t go on game day
. Blimpie Burger is an Ann Arbor staple, so stay away on game day. We try to go during off college hours…Saturday early or late afternoon, any day for an early dinner, summer…The good news is, if there is a long line, it moves quickly. Which leads me to my next tip,Insider Info.

Know your order. Part of the charm of the establishment is that the feel is a bit militaristic. Each person must stand in line with their own tray and order their own items (kids excluded of course). They are not interested in chit chatting, they are there to grill, and I’m so happy about it. Don’t feel badly…it is how they treat everyone, and I love a place that gets us in and out when we have kids with us. So, decide well before hand what sounds good. They are so serious about ordering, they have a webpage dedicated to ordering instructions. To save yourself from looking like a Blimpie virgin, review them :).

Eat up. Every burger we have eaten there is delicious. I like a double (the patties are only about .10 a pound), my husband always gets a triple, and they have singles for kids, but my boys can all eat a double now. You can order up to 5 patties (or pay extra for more if you feel really crazy). After you decide on you size, you choose your cheese, roll, grilled items, fried eggs, banana peppers, olives, bacon and salami, and any of the traditional veggies we love. Be aware that you pay for almost everything you add to your burger.

Get a side. You cannot leave without an order of fries and fried vegetables. I promise, you will thank me.

Revel in you bill. Our whole family can fill up there for under $30 and if we are being cheap we can do it for more like $25….that’s a family of 6. In a city full of pricey restaurants, it’s a welcome breath.

If you go.

Payment. It’s a cash only spot. Bring dollar bills. If you forget, there is an ATM on the premises, but you don’t want to hold up the line.

NEW LOCATION. New address is 304 South Ashley Street 

Parking. There is meter parking only. Bring quarters. You don’t need to plan to stay long, so a couple dollars should be plenty.

Seating. The restaurant is tiny, so if it’s busy you will be lucky to get a spot. In the summer, we spread a blanket out across the street and eat outside. In the winter, grab a table as soon as you see one. You are expected to clean up after yourself, but I’m guessing there won’t be much to throw away.