After eating at Dom’s, I am a firm believer that a baked good can change your life. I went from the girl who turned down doughnuts to looking for any reason to drive 10 miles further down Washtenaw Avenue than I really needed to go. Then I found out they were open 24 hours and we started playing baseball in Ypsilanti and it was a dangerous caloric combination.

That being said, I have never regretting indulging in a Dom’s item. Their doughnuts are thick and fluffy with the perfect amount of glaze or frosting on the top. They are always soft and never over-baked. While we usually go for doughnuts, we have tried cookies and brownies too and the same sugar euphoria ensued. If you have not tried Dom’s, YOU MUST.

Insider Info.

Order musts. You must order an apple fritter and a maple glazed cinnamon roll with peanuts. After you’ve eaten those two, I will let you have your freedom of choice.

Get a dozen. If you don’t, you will wish you had. A dozen doughnuts usually runs between $9 and $13 depending what you order. Not a bad deal.

Try a paczki. This is their specialty. It’s basically a jelly-filled doughnut, but far surpasses those you buy at Wal-mart.  

Order different treats. Everything there is good, so grab a brownie or cookie or two for dessert after dinner.

If you go.

Address. 1305 Washtenaw Road Ypsilanti, MI (Normal Park neighborhood).

Parking. Close and free, but not plentiful. That being said, we have always been able to get a parking spot.

Take cash. They accept cash only but there is an ATM on site.

Think fast. At certain times there can be a decent line (Saturday morning), but the people behind the counter are quick and friendly, so it never takes long.

Sit and eat. There are tables inside for your immediate eating pleasure. If you don’t eat one right away, be prepared for frosting flakes all over your car, because guaranteed you won’t wait until you get home!