Only certain restaurants are good enough to stick around over 50 years, and Angelo’s in Ann Arbor is one of them. We love stopping by for a hearty breakfast that fills your belly for the entire day.

Insider Info.

Order bread. Angelo’s has homemade bread, so items that usually get discarded, like a side of toast become hot commodities. We also adore their Deep Fried French Toast made on their homemade raisin bread ($7.25). What a way to start your morning.

Try an omelette. One of my favorite omelettes around town ($8.25). The veggies offered are fresh and not overcooked and their choice of cheeses is spot on. Add the raisin toast and you might have to waddle out the door.

Drink your fruit. Angelo’s offers fresh squeezed orange juice and we love it. Check the price before you decide to order though because it is “market price,” and you don’t want any surprises on your bill ;).

Come for breakfast or lunch. Angelo’s is open 6am-3pm most days, but check the website before you visit because they have some varied hours. While we usually go for breakfast, the lunch items look delish too!

Bring kids. Angelo’s offers both breakfast and lunch kid entrees for $4.75. I love that some can eat pancakes while the others order a burger. The menu items are kid pleasers, but we were happy to mop up the leftovers. They also offer ice cream sundaes at the end of your meal for $1.25. Yes, we had a few for breakfast.

If you go. 

Address. 1100 E. Catherine Ann Arbor


Plan. Since Angelo’s is on the U of M campus and a student favorite, you will definitely find a line on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. Try and stagger your eating time or call ahead to see what the wait is like. Stay away from graduation weekend! Once school is out, the diner is a bit less busy (but it is closed all of July). Don’t let its proximity to campus scare you, it’s what gives the place such a fun beat.

Check the walls, read the stories. Angelo’s has a great history, so read the menus to learn a little more about Ann Arbor. They also display some really fun and interesting art and Michigan photography.

Parking.  Angelo’s offers two small lots, if those are full, try street parking on Ann.

Take something home. Angelo’s offers its homemade bread for purchase. Might as well, right?