One of my favorite pieces of advice recently was to be gentle with ourselves and gentle with each other.

We are all so different.

One woman feels change is happening too fast while another is sure it is not fast enough.

One is giving her all to a cause she believes in while another is navigating her own personal wilderness.

One is gathering and mobilizing while another is quietly, steadily serving.

One reads, researches and studies while another acts quickly and boldly on feeling.

One changes the world on a big stage while another barely holds her own little world together.

There is divine reason for this.

God loves variety.  God needs variety.

He created each one of us differently so every gap could be filled.

So the hard to reach and hard to love and hard to take would have someone in their corner. Someone they identify with. Someone who would fight for them.

So the easy to reach, easy to love and easy to take would have the energy to serve and help and build outside of themselves.

And He created a unique purpose for everyone in between too.

You are needed.

Even if you don’t fit the mold or look the part. Even if your contribution seems small or insignificant. Even if your voice is quiet or your energy is low or you are just barely getting by.

He needs your cause. He needs your heart.

Your work doesn’t have to be big or grand. It doesn’t have to be trendy or affect millions.

Whatever good you are striving for, in whatever way is right for you and your circumstance, is worthwhile.

So keep doing it. Even when no one is watching or clapping or sharing.

He will take your meager offering and use it to perform a miracle.

Because that is what He does.

Water into wine, fish into feasts, death into life.

Today’s darkness into tomorrow’s light.

He needs you. We need you. Doing what you do, in your very own way.

Exactly as it was meant to be.